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Ask to Join Pokémon: Role Play Thread

Desmond Andrews (Unranked)
Yellow Rock Isle, Whirl Islands, Johto (July 19th)

Desmond continued to swim for the surface, but as he did it seemed the Wishiwashi dashed off as it was determined to go get help for its partner. Politoed seemed to look on worried, and glanced up at Desmond as if checking if they'd go help to as the later focused on swimming for the surface.

"No, we are not getting involved. Naka will be fine, sure Reina and Esther can lend a hand. This isn't our field." Desmond muttered, after all he had not been a Trainer he was a photographer and the idea of fighting a Gyarados had been about the last thing he desired to do. Politoed however seemed guilty as Desmond dragged it to the surface...

Adrianne Silvers (Normal Class: 96,103)
Valencia Island, Orange Archipelago (June 1st)

"Nggg, got lucky. Alright return Cubone." Axe called out as he returned his fainted mon while Adrianne seemed thrilled. Ace won its first battle and now they had been one round away from winning her first Pokemon battle! However, nothing had been decided yet and Axe certainly seemed unwilling to go down without a fight as he pulled a Pokeball with a darkness sticker upon it.

"I know just the guy to even the score. Come out Poochyena!" Axe called out as a flash of light released and soon the dark pup had come out and let out a growl to Ace as Adrianne's eyes seemed to shine.

"Oh oh a Poochyena! Those are so cool~!" Adrianne cried out and quickly whipped out her Pokedex to take a scan.

"Poochyena, the Bite Pokemon. A Pokémon with a persistent nature, it chases its chosen prey until the prey becomes exhausted."

"So Ace, do you think you can still go?" Adrianne asked, prepared to switch if her Spearow needed a breather but the Flying Type seemed to raise its wings as it let out a cry towards it foe. "Spear!"

"Well then, who am I to deprive you of this chance. Let's show them what you are made of!" Adrianne declared as Ace faced with the opposing Poochyena, and as both seemed ready to battle and Axe wasted not time.

"Alright Poochyena, use Tackle!" Axe called out as the dark puppy cried out and charged as it tried to slam its body into Ace and Adrianne decided to fight fire with fire or strike for strike in this case.

"Counter with Peck!" Adrianne called out as Ace took flight and glided along the ground as it charged right towards Poochyena as both Pokemon slammed into each other; both seemed stunned and knocked back a step by the blow but Poochyena remained on its feet and Ace hung tough as it flapped just above the ground.

"Use Assurance!" Adrianne called out, as while using a Dark move on a Dark Type wasn't bound to do too much damage if she struck quickly the added boos this unique move had in succession should stun it good for a follow up. Ace's talons shimmered dark and it tried to land a follow up. However....

"Grab it with Bite!" Axe called out as Poochyena charged, shifted its head to avoid the strike and bit one of the legs of Ace as the Spearow cried out in pain. Adrianne looked on with concern as Poochyena began to thrash and do some damage, even lightly slamming Ace on the ground as she bit her thumb and tried to think before getting an idea.

"Take to the sky and use Fury Attack!" Adrianne called out as Ace tried to focus past the pain and flapped its wings as it lifted the Poochyena even as it held onto the one leg it had, they sailed up int eh air and the Spearow tossed it off before it began to slam the Bite Pokemon with several talon, beak and wing strikes as Axe seemed to look on concerned. Before he quickly responded.

"Use Protect!" Axe called out as this energy shield seemed to form and suddenly Ace could not land any strikes of the Fury Attack as Adrainne's eyes widened.

"I-it can learn protect!?" Adrianne called surprised.

"TMs are a man's best friend. Now use Bite on the wing!" Axe called out, as the Poochyena sailed down and bit onto Ace's wing and the two seemed to crash hard as Poochyena slammed the Spearow to the floor of the island with a thud as Adrianne seemed concerned.

"Ace!" Adrianne called out, and the wounded Pokemon attempted to stand back up, but with its leg giving out it collapsed from the blows and the Drone Rotom had seen enough.

"Ace the Spearow is unable to battle. Poochyena wins!"​
July 1 - Santalune City, Kalos

A flashy finish! Though she'd lost the battle, Viola was satisfied with the match. The spirit of battle had been fully displayed, and she'd caught every moment of it with her trusty camera. The leader returned her fainted Vivillon to its poke ball and crossed the field to meet Esther.

"That was a picturesque victory, Esther." Viola said as she drew a Bug Badge from her pocket. "Congratulations. With a glint in your eyes like that and moves like those, you'll be able to fill a gallery with winning shots in no time!"

Montagne Khastil
July 1 - Santalune City, Kalos

So he'd chosen properly after all.

The battle was quick and decisive, and Esther came out victorious. That Bounsweet of her's put in work, in particular. What moves had she used? <<Play Nice>> and <<Synthesis>>, right. The former must have had some sort of mental affect on the Surskit judging by the blue bug's sudden reluctance to attack, and the latter evidently healed the little red-and-green pokémon.

Monty had a decent understanding of the capabilities of pokémon moves, but he had the feeling he was only scratching the surface so far. Chauffemagne's <<Roar>> was an effective tool, but the time it took him to draw in the breath left him vulnerable. Oracle's <<Double Team>> was good for shaking enemies off her scent, too. Both pokémon had other non-attacking moves, though, but they hadn't experimented much with them.

Non-attacking moves. Huh. Maybe that could be the angle he took with Abnégarde. Since they'd rescued the Eevee from the Menhir poachers, she had been...reluctant to participate in battles. No, reluctant wasn't even the word for it. Scared was more like it. The little thing had no confidence, and when she wasn't confined to the Quick Ball in his pocket she was clinging to his shoulders.

A turn of Oracle's head brought him back to reality, and he followed his partner's gaze to Esther. Monty gave her a thumbs-up from the stands before turning to the rest of their traveling companions. "Let's get some lunch and celebrate, eh?"
Gwen Tucker - 16th of June - A park in Eterna City, Sinnoh
Gwen also finally got a better look at Ron's team, and it looked incredibly strong! There were a lot of pokemon that she'd never really seen before like the Skarmory and Tyranitar. He must've traveled all over different regions! The blue haired young trainer watched on as the Blastoise and Tyranitar had a little playful tussle with each other, before her attention was diverted to Naka who asked her why she didn't have any more pokemon. She wasn't sure if she could say the real or the full reason as to why while Cobalt was right beside her.

Gwen eyed at her starter nervously who seemed to be nibbling away at his food in a spiteful manner, "I guess I just haven't had the best luck. I have tried though," she said and then looked at Naka with an awkward smile and took a bite of her own corn dog.

Ozzy in the meantime caught the scent of.. something familiar. It smelled like his old family, like almost a sibling but not quite at the same time. Letting out another cry, the young Deino immediately made a mad dash towards the scent of the other member of his species, ready to bite down. Instead of course, he got pushed over quite easily. Immediately Ozzy saw this as a sign of some playful tussling and all the curious scents and noises were feeding into his playful mood as the small Irate pokemon sprinted at the Zweilous to do a playful tackle.

Friday – 3pm July 1
Santalune Gym, Santalune City
Kalos Region​
Team On-hand: Pyrrha (Jangmo-o), Pariparisithea (Munna), Tarrah Ta’Ella (Bounsweet), Kasriel Ikaros Svelinka Sō (G-Zigzagoon), Bâquîle Nâva (Goomy)
In Esther’s care: Houndour​

‘Lunch...?’ Esther hemmed and hawed. Lunch sounded good and she'd worked up quite a sweat—what with the traipse through route 4 and the gym battle—but...she wasn’t very hungry. Peckish maybe, but not enough for lunch.

“I think I’ll pass,” she winced and smiled apologetically. “I’ll hit the pokémon and then maybe explore the town a bit. I didn’t get a chance to look around while I was in Galar or Lumiose, so I want to see what the town has to offer. We can trade numbers if you want to keep in touch or...you could tag along?”


Hand-woven kilt

Everstone x 1 – $15,000.00
Montagne Khastil
July 1 - Santalune City, Kalos

"Works for me, Oracle and I'll tag along," Monty said as he stood from his seat. "I need to get Chauffemagne patched up, anyway." Oracle swung around to glare up at him, her mud-speckled fur ruffling a bit as her Pressure flared. "Right, and get Oracle cleaned up." Content that her point was made, the Absol cut off her ability.

The criminal stretched his arms above his head, feeling strangely drained from the day's action: first the battle with Esther in Lumiose, then the horde encounters on Parterre, then the gym battle on top of it. Hot damn, could he go for a cigarette!

He reached into his jacket pocket to feel the box, and when his hand hit his flip phone he tensed up a little. Right. Monty wasn't there just ot challenge the gym like Esther. He was there because he was sent there. He practically felt Cormier's presence looming over him, the boss' impatient glare fixed on the back of his neck.

The criminal shook himself from his brief stupor. He'd get the chance to make the call soon enough.

Tuesday – Afternoon July 19
Ogi City – Beach, Whirl Archipelago
Johto Region​
Team On-hand: Pyrrha (Jangmo-o), Pariparisithea (Munna), Halay-Alae (Houndour), L’ Basseau (Surskit), La Bamba (Shellos) In Esther’s care: Feebas​

Esther hadn’t seen much of Naka’s pokémon, but so far, she was two for three on cuties. The bite-sized little fish pokémon was the latest pokémon Naka had displayed: it was white with blue and grey tones, had big, doe eyes that—even underwater—looked soft and—Esther might even add—on the verge of tears. It was the perfect little mascot, so inoffensive that not even Desmond had been scared by it. And that said a lot! Desmond was scared of Nâva! And Nâva was like...6 inches tall?! And made of goop!? Esther didn’t get it, but phobias were all about being irrational, so she didn’t question it. Instead, she focused on little Iwa who was gesticulating wildly. Was she worried about Naka?

“Aww, what a little cutie! Don’t worry, we’ll saaAAaveeEEEE—EEK!?!?”

Suddenly the little cutie wasn’t so little anymore, nor was it much of a cutie. The change was too much for Esther, who’d been stunned into inaction.


Seal Case


Clip-on roller skates

Hand-woven kilt

Everstone x 1 – $15,000.00
Azumi Towers, Kalos, July 1st

"Lunch?" Azumi took a quick look at Nana, her mouth stuffed with popcorn, "I think I'll pass."

The young student got up, adjusting her skirt and giving Esther and Monty a quick bow. "Thanks for having me for your gym battles, I think I will check in to my hotel for the day. I have homework and Nana is probably going to need a nap soon." She yawned at the same time Nana stretched, "Excuse me, maybe I will need one also. Anyways, it was nice to meet you two, I am available on the social medias with my name, if you ever want a tour of Azure Bay, I can arrange one."

With a smile and a short wave, Azumi excused herself as she left the gym. Even though the day was still young, it seemed Nana's sugar rush had dropped and her telepathic link with the Pokemon had made them both tired. Azumi's head was processing a quick schedule to get things done before going to sleep, which meant working on her school work, getting a good meal, attending to her Pokemon and maybe calling her sister and father to let them know she was okay. If everything went according to plan, she could be getting some sleep around midnight. Sad, she really did want to spend more time traveling with the couple.

Nakano Saito​

Date: 1 Month Ago (26 years old); June 16
Location: Eterna City Vendor and Park, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Chu the Pichu, Fluffy the Flareon, Hanu the Infernape, Yuki the Froslass, Aero the Aerodactyl, Orochi the Zweilous

Interactions: Gwen Tucker, Cobalt the Piplup, and Ozzy the Deino (IDKWhatUserNameToDo), Ron Towers, Linkin the Blastoise, Monstar the Tyranitar, Evanes the Skarmory, Marley the Raichu, and Luz the Espeon (Hecotoro)

Getting her answer from Gwen, Naka tutted. She noticed the way Gwen stared at her Piplup and her awkward smile, as if she didn't want to cause anymore problems with Cobalt. "Hm." She whispered it to Gwen, hoping Cobalt didn't notice. "While I do understand if a Pokemon's pride is keeping you from catching anything, we'll have to work on him realizing that he needs to rely on other team members if you and him want to become strong." She patted Gwen on her shoulder before returning to Ron, noticing how well her Pokemon were getting along with the others.

Ron mentioning if Naka had a boyfriend had her laughing. "Huh? I don't have a boyfriend. I'm practically married to my work anyhow, I don't think any guy would want a weird field researcher like me anyway." Was it a bit self-deprecating? Sure, but she ended it with a shrug. "I haven't been exactly looking either. If I did get a boyfriend, I'd have to make sure he's okay with me getting into fights. It's a part of my job, making sure people don't ruin the sanctity and peace of the Pokemon's home while I'm there researching. Not because I'm a Pokemon Ranger, but because I want to see the Pokemon in their natural habitat and desecrating anything like that is enough for me to ruin their lives." Her voice had an edge to it, a sort of disdainful, grimacing smirk made its way on her face. Her eyes had a flash of some kind of disgusted glee, gaze going past Ron's shoulder as she remembered her encounters, her finger rubbing the scar on her neck absentmindedly as it began to itch. Her expression calmed down and she gave him a deadpanned expression. "Why does it matter? What, you gonna send me to the cops if I start beating a guy to a pulp? You seem like the type of guy to possibly enjoy seeing that and not say shit though." She mused, giving him a sort of grin.

Fluffy wasn't expecting to get food from Luz, but the offer - even if it was pushed forward and thus away from him - wasn't lost on him. Blinking a few times, he sighed and got up. Not wanting to make her think he was disrespecting her wish, he came over and ate some, mewling in thanks, but then scooted the plate towards her so she can eat. He had his own food he could eat, he didn't need to take all of Luz's food. Still, now he was warming up to her and he sat next to her, his tail languidly wagging to help cool him off.

Chu was ECSTATIC!! She giggled upon being held and started eating from the oddly motherly Raichu, her head nuzzling into Marley's shoulder and chin when she could get the chance. She didn't know what the Raichu had in store for her, but she wasn't going to disappoint her now! Especially when she was being so sweet.

Aero noticed Evans was rather quiet. Not wanting to disrupt the Skarmory's quiet time, he stayed silent after offering her his compliments, only really cooing when Evans showed off her feathers and metallic sheen a bit more. He began eating his food in silence, his tail wagging rather wildly like a happy Growlithe.

The Froslass watched as the Tyranitar seemed offended by Infernape butting in and had walked off. She didn't know if he wanted to be alone, if he was just hangry, or what, but him walking away meant he wouldn't get his food. Looking down at the food she had, she realized that maybe he wouldn't have enough if he had just one portion. She wasn't feeling all that hungry anyway. She swooped over to grab Monstar's plate for him, then floated over to him, offering him both his portion and her portion. She gave a kind smile, eyes closing as she gave an eerie yet soft giggle.

Meanwhile, Hanu only looked at Monstar's retreating figure with confusion. Why did he leave? But Linkin's proposal to bash shoulders had Hanu laughing as a chimp would. He got himself ready, pulling up his non-existent sleeves as if he's watched one too many Tom & Jerry cartoons, and then charged, bashing his shoulder with the power to shove something hopefully as heavy as the taller than average Blastoise.

The Zweilous cooed softly at hearing the cry of the Deino, finding it honestly adorable. He wished he sounded like that, but he wasn't going to think about how he got into Naka's team. One head laid on the ground for the Deino to trip over or land on, while the other head, went to playfully tug on his horn, chortling at how playful the Deino was. Eventually, Orochi turned around to allow the playful Deino to crawl on his back and bite and tussle to his heart's content, even on his flimsy flappers he called wings.
July 19, Tuesday - Yellow Rock Isle, Johto. Reina, current rank, 34,107

"No mames!" Reina called out as Naka's Pokemon took them in whole. "Con que pinchi derecho nos traga asi?! Ni un mendigo aviso!"

Reina said some civil words as the impact and the sudden movement caught her off guard. Once they were set down on shore, Reina sighed and walked over to her bag, getting her last three super potions out. While doing so, she was cursing under her breath, slowly relaxing and coming back to herself. She used the remaining three Super Potions to heal her Swampert and Lapras, giving them both a good pat on the head before returning them into their Pokeballs.

"So, we're just letting Naka wrestle a Gyarados?" She rubbed her forehead and shrug, "Sounds like a terrible idea, but fine." She looked around the beach, catching sight of Gene and... Colored? "Hey! We're over here!" she called out, noticing some other stranger with them also.

Nakano Saito​

Date: July 19 (26yo)
Location: Underwater near Ogi City -> Yellow Rock Beach, Yellow Rock Isle, Whirl Archipelago, Johto
Pokemon Team: Chu the Pichu, Mudster the Swampert, Iwa the Wishiwashi, Ludwig the Ludicolo, Aero the Aerodactyl, Brute Tooth the Barraskewda, Huntail, Gorebyss

Interactions: Gyarados, Reina, Storm the Lapras, and Peque the Swampert (Hecotoro), Esther, L' Basseau the Surskit, Feebas, and Bamba the Shellos (kyuukestu), Desmond, Kricketune, and Politoed (Godjacob), Aldon, Wunder the Sigilyph, and Skol the Slowpoke (ThAtGuY101), Savannah and Zip Zap the Shinx (Grand Master Koops), Shanya "Colored" Harika and Drip the Vaporeon (Alternate_Mystery), Rick and Iris the Rapidash (Ridge), Genevieve, Sticky Fingers the Octillery, Sam the Phantump, Eveline, Conquest the Sharpedo, and Rebellion the Krookodile (GQuasch), Quincy Palmer and Ruby the Sableye (| Korutesu |)

As people began filing up onto the shore and Iwa's Schooling form scattered until it was just herself left to allow the humans she smuggled safely get on the shore, Mudster the Swampert's eyes cracked open. He did a head count. There was that girl with the other Swampert and Lapras. The girl with the Shinx. The guy with the Kricketune and Politoed. The guy with the Sigilyph and Slowpoke, the girl with the Shellos and Feebas. There was a girl further away with her Vaporeon. The little girl with her Phantump and Octillery. The girl with her Sharpedo further out into the waters. He looked around for his trainer, but noticed two people in a cave. One with a Rapidash, another with a Sableye.

But no Naka.

Grumbling, Mudster stood up completely, having gathered all the backpacks except for the purse the Sharpedo's girl's Krookodile held. A throaty growl rumbled deep within his chest as he searched the waters for Naka. He saw a Surskit having won against a Wingull, but now he was growing worried and irritated.

Meanwhile, as soon as Naka couldn't see the silhouettes of the group, she focused all of her attention on the Gyarados. The Water/Flying-Type felt a surge of adrenaline as he roared with far more energy than earlier. He had shaken off the drowsy feeling from the Hypnosis, and he caught the sight of something looking like leather belts wrapped around his crest, the belts having loosened for a moment before snapping around him taut.

He will not be ridden!

The Gyarados zoomed to the surface of the water, breaching it and rising into the air. Shaking his head, he managed to shake the reins off and sent Naka and her Barraskewda into the air. They were all falling, and Naka managed to return her Barraskewda. She fumbled for her other PokeBalls, trying to grab Aero's ball before it was too late. She looked over to see a huge white tail fin of the Gyarados and then it swatted her like a fly.

As the Gyarados dove back into the water, Naka was sent flying. Feeling a surge of adrenaline and being so spooked that her vision began to darken. A flash of light appeared fortunately, the Aerodactyl appearing before Naka. She grabbed for his talons, his feet gripping her tightly as he glided towards the shore as fast as Naka was flying, only slowing in his speed gradually so her body didn't become jarred from the sudden stop. Seeing Naka being flown back and sensing movement coming towards them, Mudster grabbed the backpacks he had protected and set them behind a rock to hide them.

Feeling relief hit her entire being as her feet hit the water's surface and wake boarded with just her flippered feet for a moment, she finally hit shore and Aero let go, letting her roll to safety as she just laid there, on her back, staring at the sky, her chest heaving up and down as she tried to calm down. Right when she was about to stand up, the Gyarados she was trying to stop breached the surface, roaring at the group of who had dared made a fool of him and intruded on his hunting grounds! However, despite his attempts to seem intimidating, his face had been looking a bit green, a bit flushed. He looked like he was about to puke at any moment with those sick eyes, but he did his best to show he was going to attack them.

Mudster ran up to stand in front of Naka, roaring throatily, giving her time to stand up. Aero hovered above them, screeching at the Gyarados to hopefully deter him from fighting. The Wishiwashi squeaked in fear, the schooling form coming back again as she prepped for battle. Naka stood up, shaking her arms and bouncing from one foot to the next. "Alright, you sick Gyarados! Mudster, Liquidation. Aero, Thunder Fang! Iwa, Scale Shot!"

Aero's teeth crackled with lightning as he swooped down, biting onto the Gyarados's back fin to avoid getting hit by other Pokemon's attacks. Iwa's body glowed a bright royal blue before firing off not just scales, but actual fish from her form, slamming into the Gyarados's side a total of five times. The Swampert roared as slammed his hands together, water forming and circulating around them. He then charged, the water around his fists glowing and becoming bigger as he punched the Gyarados's midsection.

Screeching in pain, a Twister began forming around the Gyarados with cutting blue winds, damaging the Aerodactyl and Swampert and pushing them back to shore. The two Pokemon screeched and roared respectively from the pain, but they continued to stand their ground, not backing down.
Ron Towers, Eterna City

"No boyfriend?" Ron nodded, taking a bite of the last standing fry after he massacred all the other ones, "Well that's a surprise. I wouldn't mind if you did what you do, but that's just me." He turned his attention Gwen and her Piplup, "Thrown him into a 3vs3 battle and watch him wish he had teammates. Once he has two more after winning the first round, if he wins, he's gonna wish he had a team to back him up."

Ron took a look at his team, looking proud until he noticed the Flareon. "Hey, Naka, keep your ball of fire away from Luz. I don't want him confusing her with his male shenanigans." He leaned back, "Luz, don't touch the Flareon."

Luz's ears perked up, listening to Ron's voice, but only added to her curiosity. She hadn't met a Flareon before. She sniffed the air, until it pointed her in Fluff's direction. She began walking towards the fire Pokemon, sniffing the air until her nose touched the Flareon's ear. She meowed loudly, dancing on her toes, finally knowing the smell of another similar to her.

"Dammit." Ron said looking away, "It better not have fleas."

Linkin the Blastoise meanwhile, took the tackle from Hanu, taking two steps back. He smirked and stood up right, giving the Infernape a thumbs up. Now it was his turn. He lowered his head and then shoved his right side towards the fire Pokemon.

Monster growled at the approaching Frosslass, bit it seemed she wouldn't go away. He took one of the plates, grumpily munching on the food as he looked away.

Marley's jaw dropped when Ron took the last fry, but it was okay, since she didn't want it. She set the Pichu down, only to wrap her tail around it. Pichu were known for hurting themselves when they had too much power stored in them, so Marley decided she would be there to take some of that extra power, just in case.

"So, we might as well book some rooms for the night." Ron said, finishing his food, "Gwen, I could have Luz stay with you. I plan on going out to some local concert. You wanna go Naka?"

Friday – 3pm July 1
Santalune Gym, Santalune City
Kalos Region​
Team On-hand: Pyrrha (Jangmo-o), Pariparisithea (Munna), Tarrah Ta’Ella (Bounsweet), Kasriel Ikaros Svelinka Sō (G-Zigzagoon), Bâquîle Nâva (Goomy)
In Esther’s care: Houndour​

“Great!” Esther punctuated her exclamation with a clap and a smile. With Azumi going about her own business and Nico staring off into space, Esther led the way to the receptionist where they collected their winnings. Next was the poké-center! The trip only took a few minutes.

While Nurse Joy took care of their battered pokémon Esther had been looking about online for information about Santalune city. The city was pretty famous for the beautiful Santalune forest, which had not only been the subject of many international artworks but had also been chosen as the estate for past monarchs of Kalos. As a result, there was also a picturesque castle that was open to tourists! As if that wasn’t enough, the area was also known for its rock climbing!

Honestly, Esther wanted to try it all!

She slid over to Monty’s side to share the holographic projection of her pokétch screen. Hardly waiting for the Kalosian to look, she immediately started running her mouth.

“How about we visit this castle first and then...rock climbing near the Santalune Forest? Says here that the trail goes through O-Ou-vert Way? Whatever, it's Route 3. The view of the forest from the cliff-side is supposed to be magnificent! I’m also thinking of catching something...for when I bring Houndour home. Maybe something fast like a Surskit? Viola’s were pretty strong, don’t you think?”


Hand-woven kilt

Everstone x 1 – $15,000.00
Desmond Andrews (Unranked)
Yellow Rock Isle, Whirl Islands, Johto (July 19th)

Desmond soon washed up on the shore itself. He had not gone back to the boat as the panic of him swim caused him to just head straight on his path but he had not been about to complain as he and Politoed made it on dry land.

Politoed looked back as it seemed to be concerned about Naka, thankfully thought other Pokemon and people seemed to rise as Reina moved by the boat along with Esther and Pokemon also seemed to be moving on the shore. Kricketune had been by Gene and its Pokemon when it noticed Desmond and Politoed as its eyes seemed to widen.


"Poli? Poli!" Politoed cried out seeing it and poking at Desmond as Desmond wondered why it was out of its Pokeball by the shore, but that mattered not as he asked Politoed to go fetch Kricketune and the kid and return to him as he figured that being on land was for the best as Naka seemed to bring her battle closer to the shore.

Adrianne Silvers (Normal Class: 96,103)
Valencia Island, Orange Archipelago (June 1st)

Adrianne returned Ace as now the score seemed tied 1-1 as she looked at her Pokeball. "You did great Ace, get your earned rest." Adrianne complimented before she reached for Aqua's Pokeball.

This battle would be interesting, being a Fairy Type Aqua in theory held an edge, but she lacked any damage-dealing Fairy moves. And it still was trying to get into the fighting rhytham but Adrianne had to trust in her as she tossed the Pokeball high.

"Come out Aqua!" Adrianne called out as the Azurill who landed on its bouncy tail and saw the intense gaze of the Poochyena as it seemed a bit nerved.


"Hey it's okay, remember I am with you. We can do this together." Adrianne said as motivation, and as Aqua turned back to look at her gaze she seemed to feel the support and nodded as it faced forward and tried to put on a brave face. "A-azurill!"

"Alright use Water Gun!" Adrianne called out as Aqua fired a powerful stream of water and the Poochyena failed to avoid it in time as it was struck in the chest knocked on the ground. "Pooch!"

"Grrr..use Sand Attack!" Axe called out as Poochyena recovered and began to kick up dirt and knocked it toward Aqua as the Azurill found an adjuration in her eye which seemed to discomfort her and caused her vision to blur. "Rillllll!"

"Try to shake it off and use Water Gun!" Adrianne called out, as Aqua rubbed her eyes on the tail and fired a stream of water, but naturally her accuracy had taken a hit as Poochyena evaded the move and landed a hard Tackle against the Fairy Type.


"Aqua! You okay?" Adrianne called out as Aqua was knocked off her tail and landed hard on the floor, but she worked to bounce back up as she shook her head as if to signal she still had been good to go. "A-azu..."

"Alright finish this puffball with Bite!" Axe called out as Poochyena charged and prepared to sink its teeth into Aqua who still had some sand in her eye, Adrianne tried to think of what to do and got inspiration.

"Bounce around on your tail and spin using Water Gun!" Adrianne called out, and Aqua seemed to blink a bit but she nodded and bounced on her tail as she had began to spin around and fired her Water Gun which now seemed to spray a 360 degree arc.

"Oh no dodge it!" Axe called out but it was too late, Poochyena seemed to be mid charge and its attempts to stop itself only caused the water to smack along it as the Bite Pokemon cried out and was knocked onto the ground. It attempted to stand back up, but it collapsed and sure enough the Drone Rotom had gotten what it needed to see.

"Poochyena is unable to battle, Aqua the Azurill is the winner. Therefore the match belongs to trainer Adrianne Silvers!"​
Montagne Khastil
July 1 - Santalune City, Kalos

Monty snagged a quick photo of his newly-acquired Bug Badge with his flip phone, sending it off to the contact labeled "Dad"; Cormier. Only a couple other contacts were listed on the phone, each one with a vague family title that corresponded to the Old Guard lieutenants.

He had another more modern phone, of course, but the flip phones were virtually untrackable. It kept their communications off a lot of different radars.

By the time the phone and badge were stowed back in his pockets, Esther launched into a list of additions to their agenda. Her holographic device took him a little by surprise, not expecting to see a foreigner using tech like that. Lysandre Labs' Holocasters were fairly common when Monty was younger, but they had fallen out of fashion since the company's namesake went psycho and tried to destroy the world over ten years ago.

A castle? Rock climbing? Esther came up with a lot of...spirited ideas. Maybe it was because she was a tourist and he was a native Kalosian, but Monty didn't have near as much interest in exploring as she did.

Then again, he'd never really had the chance to sit and take in his surroundings outside of Lumiose. Most of his trips outside the metropolis were for one job or another, and rarely was an older member not there as an unofficial chaperone. Santalune was a city the Old Guard never did much business in, so Monty didn't make it this far south of Lumiose often even on a job.

He figured he might as well take the chance to see the sights. They had plenty of time to get over to Camphrier, anyway.

"It would've been a whole lot tougher if it used Bug-Type moves," Monty commented on the Surskits they'd faced. "I got the idea Viola wasn't really going all out." He'd always gotten the impression that the gym leaders were supposed to be incredibly tough opponents, but the battle was almost underwhelming. To think he and his team had been training three weeks for that.

"That Surskit was a tricky little thing, though. Quick, hard to catch, especially with the way it glided on the mud. Any of my team other than Oracle would've had a hard time catching it. It'd be a good addition to yours."

Monty glanced over to the the nurse's counter, feeling a little naked without his partner by his side, before he continued, "Of course, catching one won't give you too much of a leg up on me." The Kalosian grinned as he delivered the lighthearted jab.

Nurse Joy reappeared in the doorway to the back with a tray of poké balls and Oracle at her side, her coat 100% grime free. Monty went to pick up his team, thanking the pink-haired nurse as Oracle padded over to take her place at his side. Pokémon reacquired, the Kalosian turned back to Esther. "So, the castle first, right? Lead the way, madamoiselle."

Friday – 3pm July 1
Santalune Gym, Santalune City
Kalos Region​
Team On-hand: Pyrrha (Jangmo-o), Pariparisithea (Munna), Tarrah Ta’Ella (Bounsweet), Kasriel Ikaros Svelinka Sō (G-Zigzagoon), Bâquîle Nâva (Goomy)
In Esther’s care: Houndour​

“Oracle is one thing but without her...?” With her head cocked backward, Esther tried and failed to ‘look down’ on the much taller Kalosian. She didn’t stop—because that would make her look stupid, more so than she already looked—and settled for an expression ripe with contempt. Finally, to add icing to the cake, she turned away—as if she didn’t even deign to look at him—and huffed out a single, disdainful—“hmpf!

“BUT—“, she paused for dramatic effect, mock contempt waning just enough for her to shoot him a coy look from the corner of her eye. Then she extended her hand in offering and waited. Monty was Kalosian, he’d figure it out.


Hand-woven kilt

Everstone x 1 – $15,000.00
Montagne Khastil
July 1 - Santalune City, Kalos

Oracle's red eyes shifted between her trainer, then to Esther, then back to her trainer. Just what was going on here?! Courtship...with the enemy?! Did Monty forget that this same girl was the one with the contemptable drake from only that morning?! It was bad enough that they were traipsing around with her, but now she was offering her hand?!

The Absol had seen enough of human courting rituals in their visits to different towns, and especially on the streets of that massive stone village with the buildings as tall as mountains, to recognize it when she saw it. She just hoped useless Monty would have the sense not to—

Monty took Esther's offered hand in his own, wrapping his larger palm into hers and giving a playful smile. "We'll just have to settle the score soon."

—HE REALLY WAS USELESS! Had his sense gotten knocked from his head when the Vespiqueen knocked him down?! Or maybe he'd been walking around without a brain between his ears since the Toedscool slapped it out a couple of weeks ago?! That would at least explain his decision to team up with all of these people in the first place, but come on!

Friday – 3pm July 1
Santalune Gym, Santalune City
Kalos Region​
Team On-hand: Pyrrha (Jangmo-o), Pariparisithea (Munna), Tarrah Ta’Ella (Bounsweet), Kasriel Ikaros Svelinka Sō (G-Zigzagoon), Bâquîle Nâva (Goomy)
In Esther’s care: Houndour​

“We sure will~” Esther smiled and let the cheekiness bleed through in her tone. She slipped over to Monty’s side and adjusted his arm, setting it to his side so she could hang on in an old-fashion escort. He’d been close enough.

With one hand attached to Monty, the other checked the map on her pokétch.

“Looks like we’re headed...over there! Kasriel, accompany Oracle!”

Esther hid a smirk and sacrificed Kasriel to Oracle...or perhaps it was the other way around? Either way, the pokémon would keep each other occupied while they walked.

The Santalune Castle was a magnificent piece of architecture! She knew Galar had castles, but she’d never found a chance to visit them. Now that an actual castle was before her, Esther couldn’t wait to explore it! Her tourist-iness must’ve shown on her face, cause not even ten steps later they’d been called out by a pair—a couple really—of skaters who’d been casually circling the courtyard arm in arm.

“Bonjour mis amis! Ça va? You look new here, are you still walking around? Sacre Bleu! Non, non, non! Mon ami, I can show you the real way to explore Kalos. Of course, provided you can best mon chéri et moi?”

The goth blinked. She hadn’t understood half of what the man had said, but she didn’t need to know Kalosian to understand the challenge in his tone, and Esther never turned down a good challenge.

“You’re on!”

“Magnifique! Come, there’s a battlefield nearby.”

As the couple skated way, Esther tugged at Monty to follow suit.

“This sounds like a good chance to train our tag-team abilities, how about we let these two love birds have a ball?”

Her eyes sparkled with mirth as she looked at Oracle and Kasriel. They were already out of their pokéballs, so why not?


Hand-woven kilt

Everstone x 1 – $15,000.00
Montagne Khastil
July 1 - Santalune City, Kalos

Monty was content to let Esther's steps guide his own to the castle, and he was sure to keep his arm loose enough for his companion to hold onto comfortably. With Azumi's departure their team-up became more like a date quickly, and though the criminal kept his confident composure he felt his heart beat a little faster with Esther hanging onto him.

Oracle seemed to be having a better time than he thought she would with Esther's Zigzagoon, too. The Absol seemed quite pleased to have someone fawning over her, but Monty suspected it was less about her liking Kasriel as much as it was enjoying the attention.

Santalune Castle was an impressive sight, rivaling the ones dotted up and down the roads out of southwestern Lumiose, and Esther's apparent wonder was more than a little charming. What was a somewhat mundane structure to the native Kalosian clearly wowed the Oblivian girl. Were castles and the like that rare in other regions?

Monty's soft smile contorted to a scowl when the skater-guy issued a challenge their way, and in near-perfect sync with Esther he growled, "You're on!"

Esther was right, it would be a good chance to practice their coordination. Monty was more worried about the challenge itself, though. Who did this guy think he was dealing with?! They'd both just cleaned house in their gym battles. He doubted the skaters would put up much more of a challenge than Viola did. "How does that sound, Oracle? Let's show those two."

The Absol's fur bristled in anticipation of the battle, and with the smitten Kasriel right at her heels she followed Monty and Esther to the battlefield. She was irritated with useless Monty, and she was still peeved at the peon Surskit daring to dirty her coat. Oracle needed to take her aggression out on something, and she supposed if any of Esther's pokémon were going to fight alongside her it may as well be the most agreeable of the bunch.

With some fancy footwork, the skater couple took their place opposite the field from Monty and Esther.

"Time to spin the wheels! Paraître, Hawk!"
"Get the derby going, Patti!"

A pair of pokémon materialized opposite from Oracle and Kasriel, both of them fairly humanoid. One was blue and gray with a pointed head, and the other was a red-and-yellow rodent. She glanced back to see Monty with his PokéDex in hand, and all but ignored his identification of their opponents; Meditite and Mienfoo.

Oracle loomed over Kasriel and fixed a glare on him, sounding a low growl before the battle kicked off properly. If he was going to fight at her side, he better be up to the task!
Bella Strong -
July 1 - Santalune City, Kalos

Bella was not known for being the most caring of people, but to her pokemon she was one of the best friends that they had. The care that she had for them is in the way that she groomed them. The soft brush strokes caused the large cat to purr as she laid down on the girl's lap. The large persian was happy to lay and be brushed. Her fur glistened when the light hit it.

When all was said and done, Bella made her way out of the hotel room that she had gotten for her stay. It was one of the best the town had, as she would not stay at a pokemon center if she could help it. Walking the town, she made her way to castle as she wanted to see some of the sights that she had heard from one of the nannies that raised her. "Well girl, are you ready to see the castle. It might be nice to see as we will be going to sign up for the contests that will be starting this month."

The sights of the historical town had her looking around and seeing the fight that was just starting. It would be nice to see how they handled the battle with the two fighting types. Looking on with an air of aloofness, Bella stood back to watch said battle.
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[July 19th] Yellow Rock Beach, Whirl Islands - Johto
Rapidash ♀ [Iris] | Ability: Flash Fire | Condition: Normal | Meteonite Energy: Low
Flare Blitz​
Heat Wave​
H. Horsepower​
Low Kick​
Solar Blade​
Wild Charge​

As the kriketune shook its head and pointed at the sea, Rick spoted a single boat in the coastal waters. "Huh... that would come in handy. How long are they gonna--" He then paused as soon as a group of people started coming out of the water along with some pokémon. Rick raised an eyebrow. "Damn... they almost look like they were on a shipwreck." He commented, rubbing his chin. So far, he simply watched. He didn't know those people. Some of them even had some shiny stuff with them, and he already had its dosage of bounty hunters a few weeks ago.

And then his eyes widened as he saw a Gyarados breaching the surface, roaring. Actualy, for that species, it was a somewhat common behavior. What was not normal though was the sight of a person riding one. "Okay, now I really don't know what to think about this..." Rick muttered. The Gyarados then tossed the rider, along with another pokémon, into the air. An Aerodactyl was sent out to catch the falling trainer and take her back to shore. If Rick had any doubts if this Gyarados was wild or tamed, now it was clear. The angry pokémon came closer to shore, letting out a threatening roar at the group, before a battle started.

Rick's eyes narrowed. "Alright, I think this is where it crosses the line." He said. He's well aware of the damage a rampaging Gyarados can do in large scale. He and Iris stared at each other briefly. "Do you wanna murder it in a non-literal way?" Rick asked. Iris grunted, as she started pawing the sand. The tip of her horn started sparking with electricity. Rick nodded. "Alright! Go get him!" He told her. The mare began charging headlong towards the foe, gritting her teeth as her body started shrouding with electricity. A few steps before reaching the water, she lunged at the Gyarados's upper section. Upon impact, the recoil sent her back to shore. She landed on all fours, wincing a bit as a result of the electricity coursing through her body, with legs splayed in anticipation in case the Gyarados would still be up for more.

Friday – 3:30 pm July 1
Santalune Palace, Santalune City
Kalos Region​
Team On-hand: Pyrrha (Jangmo-o), Pariparisithea (Munna), Tarrah Ta’Ella (Bounsweet), Kasriel Ikaros Svelinka Sō (G-Zigzagoon), Bâquîle Nâva (Goomy)
In Esther’s care: Houndour​

‘Should’ve expected THAT huh?’

Esther definitely wasn’t the most well-versed trainer, but she was familiar with Meditite, it was a fighting-type pokémon. Furthermore, she liked to believe in her own cleverness, and it certainly didn’t require much of that to deduce the second pokémon—who had immediately taken a martial stance—was probably a fighting type as well. Great!

“This’ll be fun...Alright Kasriel, your lover’s watching, show her some charm!”


Hand-woven kilt

Everstone x 1 – $15,000.00

1, July
Santalune Palace, Santalune City
Kalos Region​

Kasriel was a scrapper. Lightning quick, twice his size, three on one—the opponent didn’t matter. The restlessness had always pushed him through; A restless drive to move, a restless drive to seek, a restless drive to fight! It was like a fire shut up in his bone: raving, raging, roaring—ever needy, ever present, ever persistent—it DEMANDED release, DEMANDED excitement, DEMANDED satisfaction—but it was never satisfied. Not until now...

The Galarian Zigzagoon sauntered onto the field; he felt more relaxed than, well...ever. The restlessness that plagued his species was...gone. No, not gone...replaced. And Kasriel knew the cause. How could he not? After all, the cause was right next to him—crimson eyes meeting his own, drawing him in with a soul-seizing glare. Hawt!

“Hey, hey, what’s with the glare? Keep your expression like that and you’ll crease that lovely coat.”

“After this why don’t you and I ditch these humans and—” CLAP! CLAP!

Kasriel staggered and reeled, stunned by the dual shockwaves and the sudden appearance of their opponents. He was sure they’d been on the other side of the field just a second ago.

“A preemptive strike with «Fake Out»,” he seethed. “aren’t you fighting-types supposed to be honorable?”

The yellow-red one—was Patti her name?—stuck her nose up and scoffed.

“Honor is wasted on the likes of you Dark-types.”
Queen Oracle the Honored One, She Who Stands Above, the All-Powerful and All-Knowing, Mistress of Her All-Encompassing Domain
Low Sun of the Seventh Unseen Moon - Santalune Palace, Santalune City, Kalos

The minute shifts in their opponents stances before they sprung into action. The SPRING! of their push-off. Their presence under the weight of her Pressure.

The battlefield was her domain, and thanks to her sensitive horn nothing escaped Oracle's perception within it.

No time to warn Kasriel. The Absol's eyes snapped open, glowing blue with <<Detect>>, and she felt the familiar feeling of a guiding hand in her step as pivoted around the blue-and-gray pokémon's <<Fake Out>>. Kasriel wasn't so lucky, but Oracle wasn't too worried about him. His performance against those horrid insects earlier let her know he could handle himself.

"A fluke." The blue-and-gray pokémon's footing was sure, but his stance was tense. Oracle's Pressure at work. "Don't let it cloud your judgement, Dark-Type!"

Energy concentrated in his palm, and his calm gaze turned to a sneer as it met Oracle's venomous glare. "An honorless cur can't stand up to the Forrccee ooof myyy Pppaaaal—"

Insolent. Disrespectful. Undeserving of her presence. Malice flooded Oracle's psyche, and black sparks CRACKLED! and SNAPPED! up and down her limbs as her perception of time briefly accelerated. One bound. A second. Each syllabe dripping with hate, she hissed. "Less talk."


Her horn, cloaked in black energy, caught the Meditite just under his raised palm. He grunted in pain, and the impact sent him back a few feet. A nimble backflip let him recover quickly, and Oracle stood tall and proud as she loomed over him. Pressure flooded off of her, weighing down on the foul mouthed peon.

"Who are you to look down on me? You both speak of honor, yet you threw yours away with a cheap opening shot. At least if you hadn't, you'd still die with it."
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Aldon watched in surprise as the Gyarados continued its rampage, even so far as to making it on land. He had expected the hypnosis to have completely put the pokemon to sleep, but after watching the current events unfold, it was obvious that didn't happen. With all the trainers here, there wasn't much Aldon needed to do. Plus it looked weakened compared to when it was in the ocean swimming towards them.

Aldon looked at Desmond.



"How 'bout now? Photo time?" Aldon said turning away from the gyarados, holding up a peace sign. Wunder continued watching the gyarados, not talking its eye away from it. It wasn't clear on whether Skol was looking at the gyarados or the waves behind it, but Skol looked pretty content with the situation.

1, July
Santalune Palace, Santalune City
Kalos Region​

“Your betters!” Kasriel could hear the sneer in Meinfoo’s voice as her «Force Palm» ambushed Oracle from behind. Meinfoo’s «Inner Focus» allowed her to shrug off the intimidating effects of Oracle’s pressure and with Kasriel’s body flinched unresponsive, the dark Queen would be on her own for the moment, and she clearly presented herself as the greater threat.
Queen Oracle the Honored One, She Who Stands Above, the All-Powerful and All-Knowing, Mistress of Her All-Encompassing Domain
Low Sun of the Seventh Unseen Moon - Santalune Palace, Santalune City, Kalos

Behind her! The Absol whipped her head around as she begun to channel <<Detect>>, but she was too late. Oracle reeled from <<Force Palm's>> impact, and her side stung from the rodent's super-effective touch.

"Betters?" She hissed as she regained her footing. Oracle's vision tinged red as her blood boiled, her every muscle aching to rip, to tear, to put the rat in its place. The Absol braced herself to pounce forward and teach the rodent who the better was, but a sudden burst-then-absence-of vibration behind her shifted her focus. She wouldn't be caught off guard again!

Oracle channeled the precognitive power of <<Detect>>, and an unseen hand guided her step backward as the Meditite SHOT! into view. His <<Bullet Punch>> narrowly missed, and in the same instant he passed by Oracle she SLAMMED! him with a pink horn; <<Zen Headbutt>>.

Meditite was sent careening into the red-and-yellow rodent, and as the two fumbled with each other for a moment Oracle barked to Kasriel. "It's about time you make a move!"

| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
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Nico Zacharias Flynn
Date: July 1st
Location: Santalune Palace, Kalos

He watched Esther and Monty fighting together, and they were awesome! Oracle and Kasriel were so good in battle, and Pepper watched as they fought the Meditite and Mienfoo. They stood in the sidelines, mostly because they're there for emotional support, and they still need a bit more training before attempting any real battles between other trainers. Pepper clearly wanted a bit of the action too, but it knew it couldn't participate since it was Kasriel and Oracle's battle against these trainers. Nico watched in awe as Oracle kept dodging attacks from the Meditite, although Kasriel was knocked down by the Mienfoo.

"You've got this guys! Don't hold back!" Nico shouted to his friends, knowing that they could win this battle against these guys. Pepper jumped around too, excited for them to win.

Quincy Alex Palmer
Date: July 19th
Location: Yellow Rock Beach, Whirl Islands

"No, the Kricketune ain't mine." He said to Rick, as he looked behind him to see what would be in the Whirl Islands. There wasn't anything much, really, just some boats, pretty shiny things, with some humanoid silhouettes followed by Pokémon, and then a large Gyarados following them. He rubbed his eyes in pure disbelief, as he took in that there really was a Gyarados, clearly enraged, probably from those trainers.

The trainers started pouring into the island as well, while Rick mentioned that they could go all out murder on the Gyarados right then and there. There were a lot of them, and it could definitely be possible. Ruby immediately perked up when she heard this, and wanted a taste of the action. Quincy knew this, and since Rick was attacking, it was time for them to attack too.

"Ruby! Use Shadow Claw against that Gyarados! Be careful though!" Ruby's eyes gleamed with delight, as her claw seemed to be engulfed in shadow, as she ran towards the Gyarados, attacking it. The gyarados thrashed back, hitting Ruby, as she ran back to Quincy.
Ezio Farello - June 14th- Grand Lake Hotel, Sinnoh

Ezio looked at the new Jolteon, which wasted no time before firing off a devestating Thunderbolt which zapped his Kabutops. Still wet from the Aqua Jet and standing in a puddle, the Water type stood no chance before fainting. "Not bad, using the results of my moves against me." The ruin maniac said, recalling his Kabutops. "However, your little Jolteon will not have as easy of a time with the next one! Let's go, Excavate!"

A giant Steelix entered the battlefield, dwarfing its trainer and not even properly fitting on the battlefield. "Not bad, huh?" Ezio said, Excavate's large frame hiding him from sight as the Iron Snake Pokémon twisted its segments, waiting for a command. "Alright, big boy! Let's make that Roserade easier to handle! Stealth Rock!"

Multiple glowing rocks rise in front of Steelix's body. The rocks then stopped glowing and were fired towards Raiten, landing in the ground around them. A move that did not do much a lot, for now. After all, Ezio felt confident enough that this Jolteon would not be able to damage his Steelix a significant amount.


Nicole Newman - 16th of June - North Lake Miloch

"You could." Nicole said, her eyes still locked with the Sigilyph. "It looks very weird for a Flying type, I kinda like it." The girl admitted, smiling a little as she kept making movements for the Avianoid Pokémon to mimic. "I'd catch it if I could handle more than one Flying type."
Brian Killian - Trainer rank: 267
July 19th - Ecruteak City, Johto Region

Brian hummed a little tune as he walked through the streets of Ecruteak City, he believed that after the excitement Galar had to offer, he thought it would be better to go to another region for a new change of scenery, and the historical and traditional appearance of Ecruteak City offered just that. One of the main reasons he came here was because he wanted to see the famous Bell Tower and Burned tower, fascinated by how they looked and desired to see them up close in person. The trip took quite a while, but Brian was certainly in no rush, though when he did finally arrive, he was amazed by how tall they were and was certainly aware of the Burned Tower's history, while he took his time to look at both, he focused his attention more on the Bell Tower... that was until he heard his phone start to beep and took it out of his pocket, it seemed like there was a Pokemon trainer nearby.

"You there!" A female voice called out to Brian who turned to face where the voice came from, his hot pink eyes turned to see a woman who wore a white hood and cape with yellow markings along with crimson short sleeved clothing under a few leather straps who pointed at Brian with one hand and held her red Rotom phone in the other. "Are you also in the Pokemon Coronation Series?" She asked boldly, to which Brian put his phone away and nodded.

"That I am, my name's Brian, and you?" Brian asked calmly while the woman took a Poke ball out of her pocket. "My name's Kelly, and I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!" She called out, Brian could already tell that Kelly seemed like a woman who walked around with her head held high, something he could respect. "I can tell you seem like a fine trainer, very well, I accept." Brian replied just as they could hear a Rotom drone fly down to explain everything, the main thing the two trainers focused on were that they were approved for battling and requested they send out their respective Pokemon in "3! 2! 1! Go!"

Both Brian and Kelly threw their Poke balls forward to let them open and send out their choice of Pokemon, Brian sent out his trusty Gallade while Kelly sent out a tough looking Scizor, both Pokemon glared at one another with clear confidence in their eyes, the same confidence that their trainers clearly showed as well. "Battle, begin!" The drone called out.

"Bullet Punch!" Kelly called out, Scizor immediately dashed forward while his pincers began to glow with a white light, a surprisingly quick opening move, but Brian smirked as he battled a few who tended to use a similar tactic. "Dodge, quickly!" Brian called as Gallade attempted to jump away from Scizor, although the bug Pokemon made it difficult to give him any distance and managed to land a few punches. "Counter with Drain Punch!" Gallade's hands began to glow orange and managed to deliver a punch back at Scizor powerful enough to send him back, but not enough to keep him from landing on his feet, Kelly on the other hand never lost a confident smirk.

"Let's make this more interesting, Air Slash!" Kelly commanded with a closed fist, Scizor's pincers once again became enveloped in a similar light like before, although this time there were small traces of wind around them before he slashed his hands forward, in doing so, he sent a barrage of light blue blades of energy towards Gallade who looked back at Brian and nodded. "Block them with Psycho cut!" Brian called out, Gallade's arms began to glow pink and swung them forward to deliver several energy blades of his own, some of them managed to hit the Air Slash blades, but the few that he failed to hit were blocked by the arms that sent forth Psycho cut.

1, July
Santalune Palace, Santalune City
Kalos Region​

Fuck! Pissy fighting types, unforgivable! They were making him look bad in front of Oracle! Kasriel’s anger surged out in a raucous «Snarl», a vile castigation, a flurry of invectives that targeted the mind and curbed their ability to gather power.

“Oh, quiet down you, you’ll get yours.” Patti sniffed and advanced on Oracle, footwork light and airy. “deal with the rat Hawk, I’ll take care of this one.”
Desmond Andrews (Unranked)
Yellow Rock Isle, Whirl Islands, Johto (July 19th)

Naturally as the chaotic "battle" between Gyarados and Naka literally washed ashore Politoed and raced to swim over by Kricketune and Gene to get them and Sticky Fingers to safety while, other trainers that had been by Kricketune decided to join the melee and Desmond in true to character fashion had dashed madly behind a life guard stand as he tried to just not get tied into the chaotic mess around him.

"Go to the Whirl Islands, get some good pictures and have a fun time..." Desmond muttered to himself as he seemed to curse his own decisions before he noticed Aldon who seemed to flash a peace sign and even had the audacity to Ask for a picture. Desmond's eyebrow twitched as he expressed his position rather eloquently.


Well, eloquently in his head perhaps...

Adrianne Silvers (Normal Class: 96,103)
Valencia Island, Orange Archipelago (June 1st)

"You did it Aqua! Great job~!" Adrianne called out as she ran up and gave Aqua a hug while the blue Fairy Type seemed touched and snuggled a bit happy and clearly having loved this bit of affection. Axe returned his Poochyena and seemed to sulk a bit but had begrugingly walked over by Adrianne.

"N-not bad. Good win, but next time you won't be so lucky." Axe said showing a bit of sportsmanship as Adrianne nodded before he walked off, though she felt a buzz in her Pokedex as the Drone Rotom flew off and pulled up her WCS profile as her ranking seemed to jump if ever slightly.

Normal Class: 96,098
"Oh wow, seems we made our first rise in the ranking. Just gonna keep climbing up from here~!" Adrianne said with a smile as Aqua seemed to feed off the positive energy. "Azurill!"

Adrianne returned her partner Pokemon and decided to double back to the Pokemon Center; get her party healed up, and prepare to set out for the next island. Now that she got a taste of the World Coronation Series action she could make the first step to her other goal of completing the Orange League. It had all been so exciting and that fire in her gut seemed fully ablaze as she made her way to her destination.

~Yellow Island, July 19th...~

Aldon looked at Desmond puzzled and mildly confused. He looked at Gyarados then back at Desmond with a slight look of disappointment before shaking his head a few times as if the gyarados fight wasn't a true problem.


"Then please use your indoor voice, thankyou" Aldon commented. He walked over to Skol and watched and waited for some of the others to jump in like ravenous animals looking for a chance to strike the beached sea snake. Aldon hadn't completely dismissed the situation as safe yet since it was still a gyarados after all.

~Abyssal ruins, June 16th...~

Aldon swam around looking through the entrance. A long dark hallway was the first thing he saw and would venture down. The place seemed void of life. Which wasn't unusual since it was a ruins, but he didn't even see any pokémon. There was very little signs any pokémon lived down here. He looked across the floor. The walls. plant life and algae and whatever debris maybe found floating in the water.

He made his way to the end of one of the tunnels. Without stepping into the open, he looked around the corners. Wunder was the first to swim out and get a good look down both sides. Wunder noticed something swim off rather quickly but didn't get a good look at it. Wunder signaled to Aldon that it saw something. He peeped his head around the corner. Skol was upside down, looking like he was standing on the ceiling of the ruins.

"Sloooo...!" Skol mused.

Aldon nearly chuckled then proceeded to look around. He saw texts on the walls. Messages. He looked at Wunder and gestured towards the wall.

"Gust!" Aldon called out.

Wunder flapped its wings, using a gust of wind which was absorbed by the water creating a wave that flew away the dirt and grime on the wall that Aldon pointed at so Aldon could clearly read the message. It was hard to read and took a few minutes for Aldon to translate but he managed to decipher the ruins purpose. Apparently this was some burial place for some King.

"Listen to the king's words" Aldon read one of the lines out loud. There was something leading down the path to the left. He had no clue what was to the right. He headed to the right. If nothing was there then he could head back and go to the left side next. He continued down the right side until it lead him to a large room just around the corner. There was a pillar in the room. He swam over to it to get a good look at it. As he swam into the room, he noticed large holes in the floor as well as large boulders on both sides. They blocked part of his view of the entire room so he needed to be careful. So far so good. When he got to the pillar, he managed to translate "Through strength, the king leads the way" Aldon looked around, trying to figure out what that meant.

14x pokéballs
5x Super Potions
3x Full Heals
6x Oran berry,
Waterproof sleeping bag
Travel cooking supplies
Portable tent
Hiking and archeology tools
Queen Oracle the Honored One, She Who Stands Above, the All-Powerful and All-Knowing, Mistress of Her All-Encompassing Domain
Low Sun of the Seventh Unseen Moon - Santalune Palace, Santalune City, Kalos

"Gladly." Hawk used his pointed head as a fulcrum as he spun back upright, his legs tucked underneath himself as he floated in the air. The impetuous Dark-Types had done a decent amount of damage, and the Meditite was careful to reinforce himself with <<Calm Mind>>. His feet touched back down and he channeled crackling yellow energy in his fist before DASHING! at Kasriel; <<Thunder Punch>>.

Oracle was by no means calm. Even livid would be an understatement. Not even the Houndoom, who nearly killed her, had managed to provoke her ire so much as the rodent before her. Nearly her entire body CRACKLED! and SNAPPED! as black sparks flew off of her limbs, and she glowered at Patti as she SHOT! forward with <<Sucker Punch>>.

"Heh, Dark-Types. So predictable!"

Patti sneered as she caught Oracle's horn between her palms with <<Quick Guard>>, stopping the Absol in her tracks. The Mienfoo's paws kept glowing with maroon energy as she gripped onto Oracle's horn with one paw and jabbed the other into her chest, giving a violent TWIST! at her hips and <<VITAL THROWING!>> the Absol over her shoulder.
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Adrianne Silvers (Normal Class: 96,098 )
Valencia Island, Orange Archipelago (June 1st)

"Alright, come out Gyarados!"
Adrianne released the loaned Rider Pokemon Gyarados as it landed on the shores of the beach, the Trainer grinning as she saw the majestic creature before her as it glanced over to the girl and seemed to curiously sniff at her. Adrianne smiled a bit, easing it as she slowly moved a hand to stroke along its cheek as the Water Type seemed to nuzzle a bit at the touch.

"Wow, these are so cool up close. We got a long trip ahead of us but I know you can get us to whatever island out here. Counting on you." Adrianne said with some pride, after he got her party healed up she returned to the beach she arrived to on this island only now instead of the make-shift raft which was damaged upon her arrival she'd be leaving on something more sound as the Gyarados seemed to nod a bit as it had understood what Ivy desired of it.


Reginald Valerias​

Date: June 1
Location: Valencia Island Beach, Orange Archipelago
Pokemon Team: Emeric the Shiny Haunter, Elvira the Munna, Bob the Shedinja, Large Marge the Drifloon, Missy the Misdreavus
WCS Rank: 70,231

Interactions: Adrianne Silvers, Ivy's Gyarados (Godjacob)

"Alright, everyone! We're almost there!"

Reggie called out to his five-mon team, the band of Ghost-Types and a Psychic-Type looking over the edge of the basket as the blimp began to rise and ascend over the island. After coming here from a small cruise ship, Reggie was absolutely ready to see the rest of the island and maybe find something cool. He had already battled some formidable opponents on this island after his one-day stay, but it had grown a bit boring and he wanted to see the sights and check the horizon for which island was closest.

That's when he saw a cool lighter blue Gyarados and he stared over the blimp's basket with awe, practically leaning over the edge.

"Whoaaa, that's cool!" He grinned, then looked back at his Pokemon. His Haunter was peering over the edge, his shiny blue tongue absolutely bugging out at the sight before them. His Munna beside Haunter, cooing with delight. His Shedinja stayed in Reggie's purple vest pocket, the small thing not wanting to move out of his trainer's more casual clothes. His dark shirt emblazoned with the figure of Giratina instantly had a Misdreavus rubbing her head against it, wanting to avert her gaze from the dizzying height. Of course, the Drifloon was more than interested in how the blimp worked in the first place, her yellow heart-shaped "hand" tapping the 'x' mark on her balloon head.

Reggie checked his green XTransceiver on his wrist, checking if anybody tried calling him. That was when he saw his Drifloon - double the size of an average Drifloon - try to pick up his ruddy red backpack filled with his survival equipment. "W-w-wait, Marge, what are you doing?"

He stepped towards her, when a large gust of wind began blowing against them. Feeling something bad was about to happen, Reggie returned all of his Pokemon, their surprised faces vanishing in the light. This sent his backpack nearly falling off the blimp as the Drifloon had been thrown towards the edge with it before she was returned. Reggie went to grab it, but the weight of the backpack pulled him off the edge.

"OH FUCK!!" He screamed, fumbling with his PokeBalls and pulling out Large Marge and Munna. He immediately grabbed a hold of Large Marge's hands, while Elvira the Munna tried to lessen his weight and the backpacks' by using psychic energy to make them lighter. However, while Reggie's descent was slowed, he was still coming in hot.

Another gust of wind, and Reggie's body was over the waters. "No no no no no no no NO NO NO!!" His voice seemed to age down to prepubescense as it cracked violently. He curled up into a little ball as his Pokemon tried valiantly to keep him from falling too fast, making strained groans and hoping the nearby Gyarados and the girl can help.

At this speed, he'd hit the water with a resounding splash, assuming he hit the water at all.
Adrianne Silvers (Normal Class: 96,098 )
Valencia Island, Orange Archipelago (June 1st)

As Adrainne moved onto the Gyarados' back, it appeared they were ready to set out for the sea. However, before they departed she took notice of what seemed to be a...was that a blimp? That had not been what the new Trainer had expected to see but it none the less made for a cool visual as her eyes seemed to light up at the sight as she tried to squint a bit and focus to see if she could see anyone on it.

"Huh, a blimp. That's cool~" Adrianne said to herself as the Gyaraods and her looked on as what seemed to be new arrivals to the island descended...though as they looked, Adrianne's focused gaze picked up on a figure who seemed to be awfully close to the edge as she moved along the neck of the Gyarados to get a better angle.

"Huh, seems there's a guy on there. Least I think it's a guy, hard to tell this far. And he seems a bit close to the edge there. If he isn't careful he might do something reckless and...oh Arceus he is falling!" Adrianne cried out and both her own and Gyarados' eyes widened in shock as someone seemed to fall from the blimp! Panic and concern rocked their bodies as his fall seemed to slow a bit by some unseen force but Adrianne quickly shook her head as she needed to act and instinct had taken over.

"G-gyarados hurry! Swim under that guy and catch him, we have to move!" Adrianne called out.

"Gyarados!" Gyarados replied in understanding, as it had quickly moved to the water and swam fast as it could. Adrianne had to grip the light-colored Gyaraods tight to avoid being knocked off by the surge but she didn't care they needed to get under the guy. Gyarados attempted to maneuver under where he was gonna crash and if it could lift a tail as it tried to wrap and catch him out of the air before he went splat.

1, July
Santalune Palace, Santalune City
Kalos Region​

Fur bristled and Kasriel dug in. His claws kept him firm as Hawk drove a lightning-clad fist into his side—pain exploded across his body, just as his fur exploded from his follicles: A point-blank «Pin Missile».

The bombardment continued even as Kasriel staggered backward. Zigzag steps steadied the dark raccoon as the chaotic stagger became a measured retreat. The distance between himself and Hawk widened, but the bombardment never let up.

“Looking sloppy there, already on your last legs?”

As Kasriel heckled, Hawk switched up his steps, the near clairvoyance of «Detect» guided him through the hailstorm, evading buggy bolts by whisper-thin margins. His advance seemed strong, but Kasriel knew better. Stronger pokémon than Hawk had been laid low by two clean hits from Oracle, it was a testament to the fighting type’s tenacity that he was still standing.

The glow of «Force Palm» arose as Hawk closed in; despite his opponent’s state, Kasriel knew a blow like that would lay him low. The fighting type must’ve wanted to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, finishing Kasriel with a quad-effective attack and then double-teaming Oracle. He was bound to be disappointed.

The distance between combatants narrowed: 5 ft...then 4 ft... 3ft—Hawk lunged but Kasriel merely sneered. A lighting quick spray of «Sand Attack» robbed the Meditite’s vision and Kasriel pranced out of harm's reach. The attack was made noticeably faster than usual thanks to the clumps of dirt Kasriel had unearthed when he’d dug his claws in.

“Too bad~,” Kasriel heckled as he pounced, claws extended, tongue slick with ectoplasm. “Better luck next time, loser~”

A super-effective «Lick» sent Hawk tumbling to the floor, never to stand again.

One down, one to go.

Reginald Valerias​

Date: June 1
Location: Valencia Island Beach, Orange Archipelago
Pokemon Team: Emeric the Shiny Haunter, Elvira the Munna, Bob the Shedinja, Large Marge the Drifloon, Missy the Misdreavus
WCS Rank: 70,231

Interactions: Adrianne Silvers, Ivy's Gyarados (Godjacob)

"I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIIIIEEE!!!" Reggie screamed his throat hoarse as he felt the water-

No... Wait... It was wet, kinda warm but cold by virtue of being wet, and tough-feeling...

Finally cracking his sore eyes open, he looked around to see he was securely wrapped around a Gyarados's tail. His Munna sat atop his slicked back blond hair, sighing in relief, while his Drifloon completely deflated her head and laid over Reggie's shoulder. He hopped up, filled with energy as he looked up to see who had helped him.

A girl a little younger than him was there and he gave her a huge grin, his pearly white teeth gleaming. He bowed to her, head facing the scaly body of the Gyarados he stood upon. He spoke as if he wasn't just screaming like a little girl, his voice a bit deep, posh, and sounding as if he were maybe a bit too confident for a guy who screamed the way he did earlier. "Oh, thank you, my dear! You have saved this poor soul-AH!" His grandiose voice violently shot up in a high-pitched yelp as his Munna smacked her pink nub against his temple playfully, a dopey smile on her face. He chuckled, scratching the back of his head and then rubbing Munna's forehead and earning a coo.

"Haha, yeah, I'll be normal." He walked up to the girl, then sat down a Gyarados's segmented body away, grinning wildly. "Thank you for saving me. I'm Reginald Valerias, but you can call me Reggie. And for saving my life and seeing as you're about to head somewhere - unless I'm mistaken - then I'd like to hitch a ride with you. Sorry if I seem a bit forward but uh..." He patted his chest and chuckled, his heart still trying to beat out of his chest. "You did save me, so now I owe you something. I fully insist. Be it me traveling around and being your cook or whatever, then I'm here. At least... Until I finish the Orange League." He mused to himself, tapping his chin. But then he just shrugged and smiled at her, his blue eyes brimming with gratitude. "You doing the Orange League, too? How far are you?"

His Drifloon, ever the poor thing, blew herself back up and tapped his Dusk Ball, returning herself as she didn't want to be caught by another gust of wind.
Desmond Andrews (Unranked)
Yellow Rock Isle, Whirl Islands, Johto (July 19th)

"....this guy..." Desmond muttered a bit blinking, as he almost seemed to envy his ability to just disregard what had been a chaotic situation mere feet from him and be relaxed a cucumber. Must've been nice to be so sure things would work out he didn't need to be cowering behind a life guard stand but he tried not to dwell on that.

He looked onto the frantic Gyarados and the increasing part of people who tried to subdue it, Politoed swam by Kricketune further away on the beach as they continued to try and get Gene and Sticky Fingers to safety. Desmond bit his lip, much as he'd be the last to concern himself with anyone but his safety he had hoped they'd get themselves and the kid away and this situation would be contained.

Adrianne Silvers (Normal Class: 96,098 )
Valencia Island, Orange Archipelago (June 1st)

Adrianne looked up as she merely hoped the Gyarados got there in time, and thankfully as its tail grabbed around the screaming guy it seemed to do just that. He was safe. Adrianne sighed in relief as she fell on her bottom on the Gyarados back and stroked its back as she showed immense gratitude. "Thank you Gyarados, you are a literal life safer."

As the man seemed to realize he had avoided going splat over the sea, his demeanor had taken a complete 180. Trying to present this formal confidence after he had just been screaming for his life as he thanked her before being smacked on the head by something mid-sentence. Adrianne blinked as she noticed he seemed to have a couple of Pokemon on him; one that seemed to be a Drifloon that literally deflated on him and the other an unusual creature she had not been as familiar with. But she had found it cute and quickly took her Pokedex out to scan the pair of them as if it had been second nature by this point.

"Munna, the Dream Eater Pokemon. This Pokemon appears before people and Pokémon who are having nightmares and eats those dreams."

"Drifloon, the Balloon Pokémon. A Pokemon formed by the spirits of people and Pokémon. It loves damp, humid seasons."

"Uh, nice to meet you Reggie. And it's fine, just happy you are okay you don't need to feel indebted to me." Adrianne said sheepishly as she seemed to need a moment to get used to this guy's mannerisms. He was an interesting guy, if nothing else, though when he asked if he could travel around least till the end of the Orange League she seemed to raise an eyebrow at this.

"Oh, are you also trying to complete the Orange League? I happen to be beginning my own journey here to complete it. Seems we have a similar goal and well, I'm not exactly gonna refuse company so sure~!" Adrianne said with a smile as in spite of the unusual circumstances that had brought them together she least seemed willing to travel with him if nothing else for the immediate future.

"My name is Adrianne Silvers. Pleasure to meet you~" Adrianne said as she had given her own introduction to the slightly older guy.
August 1, Turffield City Gym, Galar

Out of all the regions, Galar is definitely the one who makes the biggest spectacle out of their Gym Challenges. Massive stadium, roaring crowds, mascots, sponsorships and more, the organizers made sure to go all out to put the spotlight on their beloved event. The Galar region is well known for their affinity for showmanship.

Inside one of the many gym buildings scattered across the region stood a young purple haired girl. She wore the gym challenge uniform with the number 108 printed onto it, it is clear she is here for the gym challenge. The girl let out a deep breath. "I'm finally here, the Turffield City Gym." Her eyes scanned the interior, the halls were filled with other people, fellow gym challengers here to hopefully earn their first gym badge and officially start their Galar gym tour. The mascot for the entire league, Ball Guy, dancing in place as usual. The rookie challenger clentched her hands in from of her chest. "Let's go." She mumbled to herself before taking a step forward, towards the sign up desk.
Queen Oracle the Honored One, She Who Stands Above, The All-Knowing and All-Powerful, Mistress of Her All-Encompassing Domain
Low Sun of the Seventh Unseen Moon - Santalune Palace, Santalune City, Kalos

Oracle soared over Kasriel and Hawk's scuffle, hitting the ground hard and rolling a few feet. The wind was knocked from her, and as the Absol struggled to her feet Patti gloated from across the way. "Stay down in the dirt, Dark-Type."

Down in the dirt. Her, down in the dirt? Oracle shook with rage, her fur standing on end as her Pressure intensified. To think a rodent could be so delusional as to thinks their rightful places were reversed. The Absol recalled Patti's words before throwing her; 'so predictable'. Very well. She'd show the rodent predictable.

Oracle's legs crackled with black sparks yet again, <<Sucker Punch's>> tell-tale charge up, and Patti scoffed from across the way. "That already failed!"

The Absol SHOT! forward, blowing past Kasriel and his opponent just after <<Lick>> connected. She perceived the red-and-yellow rodent's red-glowing paws, but she wasn't worried about <<Quick Guard>> this time. Her gamble was paying off.

Her shot forward was no ordinary <<Sucker Punch>>. Oracle dispersed the black flash just before reaching Patti, and the Mienfoo's eyes went wide with surprise as her paws CLAPPED! together to catch a horn that didn't reach her. The Absol's horn instead became wrapped in pink energy, and she SLAMMED! it into Patti's chest with a <<Zen Headbutt>>.

Patti grunted in pain as she was THROWN! straight upward, but Oracle wasn't done with her. She SPRUNG! up with her paws cloaked in a lighter-pink energy, and she POUNCED! on the airborn rodent with <<Play Rough>>. The hit the ground together, and Oracle battered Patti in a furious assault of scratches and stomps.

"This is your place!" Oracle hissed as she stomped and clawed, thumping the rodent off the ground. "Beneath ME!" She'd slaughter the peon for mouthing off, slit her from throat to belly, kil-

A flash of red light enveloped her. Then there was nothing at all.

Montagne Khastil
July 1 - Santalune Palace, Santalune City, Kalos

Monty hefted Oracle's Luxury Ball in his hand, his expression apprehensive. The Mienfoo had fainted after the first swipe of <<Play Rough>>, but his partner was taking it too far for a trainer-on-trainer battle. After the kinds of encounters they had on Menhir Trail he couldn't exactly blame her, but he'd have to talk to her about not going too far again.