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Could I just get a simple one? Sorry if it's too hard. I've got a picture, but could you draw him standing?

He is wearing brown Kahkis and Black combat boots.

I'll describe more if you need it.
Ooh, this is awesome, Lyni! I have a request thats medium-ish? ^-^ Sorry if it's too much, you don't have to do it if you don't want to! >///<

Trainer Name: Blossom
Pokemon: Shiny Glaceon, Terrakion, Jolteon, Sylveon, and a Shiny Suicune
Card Color: J
Overworld Style: Generation III
Trainer Description: Blossom has lightly tanned skin, violet eyes, and dark purple hair that she usually wears down. For her clothes, Blossom wears a pastel purple, sleeveless, shirt with a collar that is like a turtleneck. She also has a white trim on her shirt. Blossom wears black half-leggings with short, white socks and black converse shoes.

Again, hope this wasn't too much! Anyways, have an amazing day/night/whatever time it is where you are! :)

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@MissPinkRebelle as these are open requests, I'm doing them for free! That's why it's only for a limited time; I have some free time for these next few days so I wanted to help out the community by opening requests, and so no payment is needed ^^

@Iceblossom I'm a little confused what you mean by medium-ish. Did you mean you wanted a larger card than the Mini/Tini cards? And for the record, it's 7:00pm where I am as of the time of writing this~
I really want a Sprite of a Lucas as a water gym leader wearing blue shorts, no hat but his normal hair but blue, and make him an adult. Also give him a blue cape

I also want the card to be empoleon background put in Any eeveelution and also the sinnoh gym badges
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@Kaben I'm afraid I can't make you that card; the background and badges weren't made by me, and I can't use any of the TCM assets without permission from the original creators, many of whom we lost touch with years ago. I can still make you the trainer himself, though, and submit him to the TCM thread and hope he gets in.

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@Kaben my requests are for trainers sprites and mini/tini cards only, unfortunately. I simply don't have the time or energy to design and make new card templates at this time. Sorry!

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@Kaben let me rephrase: I'm not making any regular cards. The only cards available are the mini and tini cards, which you can see examples of on my first post. If you want one of those, I can gladly make one if you fill out the form I provided.

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@Kaben I still have no idea what it is exactly that you want, so I'm going to have to drop your request until you explain more clearly. Telling me things in single-lined posts with little to no detail isn't helping your case. State what it is that you want (trainer sprite, overworld sprite, mini card, tini card), and fill out the necessary forms if you want a mini or tini card. If you have no idea what those words mean, look at the first post of this thread.

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@Kaben fill out this form. I don't want to go back and search through the thread for each item since you posted it all over the place.

Trainer Name:
Pokemon: (choose up to 6)
Card Color: (you can find them on my first post)
Overworld Style:
Trainer Description:

@_Umbreon_ don't worry, it's not your fault haha.
Palkia, golduck, Manaphy, piplup, vaporeon, carracosta.
Generation 4
He has blue hair, Lucas style shirt, red scarf, black pants, blue shoes

Spiky hair like Gary
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Question! May I request a trainer Sprite if you're not too overly busy?

If so could you make one of Bailey? I really don't mind what base Sprite you use- I mean you're the expert at this so you should know best. Here's a a good reference for her- I didn't draw this but it's what I based her on.