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Private/Closed Johto: The New Gym Leaders


Previously m1h4jl0
After healing his Scyter,Kyle hurried up to next Town to earn his second badge. Kyle left Union Cave when night almost fell.
'I have to hurry up,i dont want to sleep in wildeness'said Kyle with a bit of scare in his voice
They both walked through Violet city, "So are you from johto?" Flynn asked Scythe, "Personally I`m from sinnoh, Canalave town, same place as the steel type gym in kanto Christopher, we were friends before he went on his journey to be a gym leader," Flynn added as they approached route 32.
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"Yes, I'm from Goldenrod City but I was born in Kalos. I also have 2 older step brothers. We have the same Father... This is a story for another time." Scythe said then he looked to nearby tree he saw a few oran berrys on it. "Do you want some berrys" He ran to the tree, quickly took berris from the tree and he returned.
"Sure, I`ll give them to my pokemon," Flynn said holding out his hand`s as his pokemon watched, their mouth`s watering looking at the sweet oran berries, "They seem to really want food, I guess we haven`t had much all day," he added, "Sorry that I forgot to feed you guys, I was busy getting the badge," he said to his pokemon, who weren`t listening, just eyeing the berries in Scythe`s hands.
"Okay, please eat everyone" Scythe said to pokemon then he give one berry for one pokemon and then he heard that someone fighting. He saw Pawniard who was attacking Starly then he blocked the next blow of Pawniard with his scythe. "You wanna fight, I will give you one"
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While Flynn`s pokemon both ate their berries happily Flynn watched Scythe battle the pawnyard, "He get`s into battles so easily," he muttered to himself happily, he then looked closer and noticed there was a starly being attacked. "Hey gligar," he said to his gligar as it finished it`s berry, "Think you can help me catch that starly?" he added, gligar nodded happily and got up, they both got up and ran over to help Scythe, "Mind if I help?" he asked once he got to him.
"Maybe a little" Scythe said happy, he really liked to battle with strong pokemons. He gived Pawniard some hits by his scythe. "first take care of that Starly, Pawniard is mine" he told to Flynn when he saw power of that dark type pokemon. They both took a few hits from each other.
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"Poison sting," Flynn commanded, gligar tried to hit the starly with it`s stinger but it quickly swung out of the way and used wing attack from behind, hitting gligar into a nearby tree, "Quick attack," he commanded, gligar quickly jumped from the tree and hit the starly onto the tree. Flynn threw a pokeball at the starly, there was a red flash of light, 1, 2, 3, CLICK, the starly was caught.
Running down the streets through Violet City, "Ugh !! Ugh !! Arceus . . . I should stop running this rough" Lucas said. "I should be near Route 32" he mumbled. He saw some benches on the side of the path, which happens to be near a lake and decided to sit down. Lucas took out his Pokeball, staring at it before he called out his Pokemon. "Common out lil' buddy" he said as he threw his Pokeball, a bright flash came out and as it fades outcome his partner a Skrelp. "Bored of being in there the whole morning huh ?" he asked slowly, the Skrelp squirted water back at him. "Well . . . we're resting a little ok . . . you're heading back in soon, sorry buddy" he said as he petted his Pokemon. The Skrelp looked back at him, annoyed, it swam away from his hands and avoided him. "Don't be mad, it's not my fault, people didn't invented Entertaining Pokeballs" Lucas said.
Scythe was bored in this battle already. "Okay, I will stop playing around" Then he sended fast attack on Pawniard, he tried to Block it but this blow was too much and he lyied down. "Go, luxury ball" Scythe said and then he threw luxury ball on Pawniard *1*2*3*click*. Pawniard was caught.
Flynn picked up the pokeball he had thrown at the starly, "Welcome to the team," he said before opening the pokeball, starly appeared from a red flash of light, "Staarrr," they Chirped. "Gliiii," his gligar said to the starly before they started to fly back to bagon, Flynn walking behind, "We have a knew team member," Flynn said to bagon, the pokemon all sat down and began to talk between themselves, "Staaarrr," "Baaaaggg," they said to eachover.
Scythe smiled at them. "You already look like great team" he said
"Let's go Flynn, we schould be nearby to the Azalea City. I can't wait to defeat Bugsy and meet my step-bro" then he returned his pokemons to their pokeballs and he hid his scythe.
"Ok guys return," Flynn said holding out three pokeballs, the pokemon all gave a happy cry and disappeared into a red flash of light, he put the pokeballs onto his belt and started walking. "Let`s get going," he said, "We may need to stop at the pokemon center just outside of Union cave and stay there for the night, it`s getting sorta late," he added.
"Yeach, you're right" Scythe said then he looked at Flynn "So lead us my dear flying-typed friend. If you will be Quick enough" and he ran to the Pokemon centre with never fading smile on his face.
Lucas noticed the sky turning dark, he quickly grabbed his bag. "Hey buddy, it's getting dark, let's get going, I heard there's a Pokemon Center we can stay at right at Union Cave, let's just get through this route" He said. Skrelp looked back and gave a little nod as he returned the seahorse creature. He quickly ran through the route, he encountered some trainers and quickly battled them. Luckily Skrelp was strong enough to deal with them. As they continue running, they saw the end of a route and the Pokemon Center they were looking for. "There it is, we made it" he said as he turned to see the sun going down "It's probably 5 o'clock, man these routes creep me out when it turns dark" he mumbled to himself, he turned back to the Pokemon Center and saw two other boys, "Maybe I should ask them around for directions. . .I might get lost in the cave" He thought. He decided to talk to them, he walked slowly to them. "Hey guys . . . ehh do you guys know how to get through Union Cave ? I could use some help" he asked nervously.
"Attention: Next target shown up" Scythe's brain told to him, he picked up his scythe and he put it on Lucas neck. "Hi there friend, of course I can help you" he said to him and looked at him with his cold red eyes. "You want to get to the Union Cave" he asked with changed thone of voice to be scarier.
"Uhh what are you doing with that toy scythe ?" He asked quietly. "You know. my little brother has one of those, I'm guessing it's from the same brand too huh . . . " He said. "Those were the good times, me and him . . . Anyways I'm getting offtrack, can you actually help me getting through the cave ?" He asked. "This better be plastic . . . " he thought, as he pushed it off. "Knew it" he mumbled quietly
"Wow, you are first who don't get scared. Congrats, I think that I can like you" Scythe said to Lucas with that his smile.
"My name is Scythe, nice to meet you and don't forget one thing" he hited a nearby little tree and he sended it with blow to the poke center wall. "That toy still can hurt"
"I`m going inside now," Flynn said, intimidated by the Scythe even though he had been told to not be, he walked into the pokemon center and gave his pokemon to the nurse before walking to a chair and sitting down. "It`s probably not a good idea to go through Union cave today, it`s too late," he thought to himself as he looked outside at Scythe and the unknown trainer.
"Flynn, don't leave me alone with that Old guy" Scythe yelled at him. "I thought that we are friends and what if this is a bad guy, Flynn!" Scythe said and he ran inside and he sat down on a chair nearby to Flynn.
"I will never forgive you this." he said and showed the tongue to Flynn. "I was so scared"
"Umm," Flynn said, confused as to why Scythe was angry at him, "Can yo," Flynn began to say before being cut of by the nurse, "Flynn to the front," they said, Flynn got up and walked to the counter, he took his pokemon and walked back to Scythe, "I`m gonna go buy myself a room soon," he said.
Scythe was already playing with knife who he borrowed from kitchen. He left it on a table and said "Okay, I have room here already So I will go to sleep now" and he came upstairs to his room, he closed door and lyied on a bed.
Flynn went and bought a room at the counter, he went up and let out his pokemon in his room, "That was... creepy," he said, "It`s still pretty early," he said sitting on his bed, he took out his pokegear and read his messages, there wasn`t anything new so he began to look through the news, again not much had happened and so he turned it off and put it back in his bag, looking at the pokemon playing together.

Starly was floating above bagon, it was trying to reach the starly but it couldn`t, the bagon wanted to fly one day, that was why they had wanted to join the flying type trainers team. Flynn was lost in thought until he saw starly holding up bagon, trying hard to keep it in the air, with help of gligar holding them up, putting a smile on Flynn`s face as he watched them keep on trying.
Scythe couldn't sleep well "I can't wait when my brother and Flynn meet each other. Flynn is my first friend and my brother always took care of me. I'm so stupid, I don't know what they can think about me right now" then he hugged Zorua and returned to sleep.
Waking up late, Echo decided to run for Union Cave. He barely made it across the fishing piers of route 32 without slipping, and he reached Union Cave. Using Flash, which Echo had decided wasn’t so useless after all, he rushed through the cave, only stopping to get attacked by Zubats every 1 milliseconds.
He exited into the light, seeing Azalea Town and Slowpoke Well not far in the distance. “Well that was easy.” Said Echo to Honedge.
Ace walked out of the violet city Gym flicking the badge in the air. "One day 7 to go" Ace laughed. Ace walked into the union cave. and flashed a badge with a star. "You know what this is stay away." Ace told the Zubats and kept walking. He saw a boy looking at Azalea town. "Move" he told the kid annoyed.
A man walked towards the taxi's after arriving in Jhoto, He lit a cigarette and began smoking. "Oh kai think you can run" He thought.
It wasn`t long until Flynn was sleaping peacefully on his bed, while his pokemon all shared their own pillow, the room was entirely motionless. All that existed was the slow breathing of Flynn and his pokemon as they slept through the night, the entire area was silent, it was in the middle of the wilderness.


Previously m1h4jl0
When Kyle reached Azalea Town it was already night. He couldnt find place to sleep so he just went and set his tent. There he ate dinner that he bought in Violet and after that he fed Scyter too. After feeding Scyter he went to sleep because tommorow he wanted to challenge his 2nd Gym
Echo walked over towards the open field just outside of town. It was already night, and he had been training for a while in Slowpoke Well. He thought he was ready to take on Bugsy tomorrow. He couldn’t find an inn, so he pitched his tent next to another person’s tent and let his ghosts out to play in the night. He wasn’t planning on sleeping just yet...
"Guess I'll be heading with that guy . . ." Lucas mumbled, he headed inside and asked for a room,"Can I have a room with a bathtub ?" Lucas asked, he got an answer but it would result in more money "Nah it's not a big problem, I just want my lil buddy to be happy" he said. After everything's done and the money has been given, he quickly got to his room and filled up the tub. "Welp you can finally relax buddy" he said. He sent out his Skrelp into the water filled tub. It looked at him, this time a little bit more comfortable. "All I was missing was a big tub huh, guess that's the only thing you wanted" he said as he went out to pack his stuff "Skrelp . . ." the Skrelp cried out annoyed.
Ace walked into the Azalea town where several men in masks withs stars on masks. "Sir we were requested by your father to be here" One of the men told him.
"Go away' Ace told the men annoyed. A girl walked up to him and the men.
"Hey go away you goons leave him alone." The girl told the men.
"Go Heatmor use flamethrower." The man commanded his Heatmor.
"Go Crabrawaler use earthquake." The girl commanded crabrawaler. Crabrawler hit the ground with its fist causing the ground to shake.
"Return Heatmor Come on guys lets go" The man told his workmates and they ran away.
"Whats your name?" she asked.
"Ace" he answered.
"Jenny" She responded.
Scythe woke up and left his room then he went outside and started training battle with his pokemons "You are so slow everyone, what happend to you" he said while he was hitting Murcrow and sended him at Zorua then he parried Pawniard Metal Claw. "What happend to you all? One more time" He shouted and he sended to the sky Pawniard with strong hit.
Flynn woke up when the shiny morning sun burst into his window, he got up and woke his team up, "Return," he said returning bagon and starly to their pokeballs, while his gligar jumped on top of his head, "You like that now?" he asked. He grabbed his bag and walked down to the counter of the pokemon center, giving his room key to the worker and walking out of the pokemon center, "Good morning johto," he yelled out as the bright sun`s light flashed over his face.
"*Hello there, sleepyhead* says Johto" Shouted Scythe to Flynn when he and his pokemon ate breakfast after training.
" I hope that you slept well becouse we will go to Union Cave after breakfast... Your breakfast" he said
"Sure," Flynn said, slightly embarrassed, "I`ll get it now," he added walking back in to the pokemon center, he bought his breakfast and walked back to Scythe.
"I slept great last night, you?" Flynn asked before he began eating his breakfast, his gligar eating a pokepuff that he had bought with his breakfast.
Walking back to the Pokemon Center after Skrelp's early morning practice, Lucas saw a Nidoran (Male) digging into a dumpster "Hey look . . . a Nidoran" Lucas said. The Nidoran heard him turning around, "Oh no . . . it saw me, it's going to run away" he mumbled. The Nidoran didn't seem to be afraid, it approached Lucas and cuddled against his leg. After looking closely, the Nidoran had a name tag stuck on it's foot, Lucas picked it up "Tony . . ." he said quietly, "You were another person's Pokemon . . . Where is he . . . or she ?" he asked the little guy, the Nidoran silently looked up at Lucas, it looked sad. "Well, I'll take care of you from now on, you like that ?" he asked the poisonous Pokemon, the Nidoran looked up smiling at Lucas, excited and happy. He took out his Pokeball "Welcome to the team Tony" he said as he threw the capturing ball at the Nidoran, 1 click, 2 clicks, 3 clicks, the ball successfully caught the Pokemon, Lucas picked it up and walked towards the center, he saw the two boys that he asked for help yesterday, "Hey, thanks for helping me get through Union Cave, before we go, I never got your names, My name's Lucas" he said as he extended his hand out to the two trainers
"Hi, I`m Flynn," Flynn said shaking Lucas`s hand, "This is gligar," he said pointing to the gligar on his head "I`m a flying type trainer," he added, the gligar kept eating the pokepuff as they sat on Flynn`s head, quickly looking up for a few seconds before going back to eating the pokepuff.
"Hi Lucas, my name is Scythe, I didn't told you before" Scythe couldn't believe.
"And that sleepyhead next to me is Flynn" then he got up from their meal. "Okay I'm done my meal" he said and he returned his pokemons.
"I already had breakfast, so ? When are we going to head into *le cave*" Lucas asked as he sent out his Pokemons, his Skrelp and his newly catched Nidoran. "Hey buddy you can stay out of the water for a while right ?" Lucas asked his Skrelp. the Skrelp looked up and gave him a little nod. The Nidoran looked up at Scythe and Flynn curiously and cuddled against Flynn. "I don't know about you guys but I'm ready to head in" he said.