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Private/Closed Johto: The New Gym Leaders

"Bagon, use ember!" Flynn commanded, turning around and pointing at one of the beedrill, reacting quickly, a small flame slowly formed in his mouth, turning his head and flinging around to send the flame flying towards one of the beedrill. It landed on the beedrill, hurting it, "Starly use wing attack!" he commanded, starly quickly flew at the beedrill, hitting it with one of it`s wings, making it fall to the ground.
Scythe's Zorua finished last beedrill with Foul Play then they reached Karma. "Hello Brother, With that guy with you that schould be everyone. Let's head back to home. Oh I have something for you and Echo as a reward for help" And Karma headed him a two Dusk Stones "One is for you and the second one for Echo, they will let evolve a Murcrow, Misdreavous, Lampent and Doublade to their final forms. I will go home now, I sended message to Echo to meet with us there. Oh, Your second Friend can go with us" and Karma left the Ilex Forest.
Echo got the message from Karma and went back to their house. He really wanted to challenge the next gym, but it was too late for that. It began to get dark outside, and the Murrow were out and about. They kept trying to attack Echo, but Honedge protected him. He did not plan on becoming food for a pokemon. He finally reached their house and entered. He decided that he would wait at the front door for them to get back.
Karma reached his house and he saw that Echo is already waiting for him. "Hi Exho, I'm glad that I found you first. My brother will give you one gift from me and I want from you to do something. You don't have to do this, please Challenge my brother for 1v1 battle. I want to check something before I will... Anyway I will give you this as a gift if you will challenge him" Karma said and he showed up a Smoke ball
“I’ll challenge him, but I will lose.” Said Echo to the more accomplished trainer. “Dark Type is super-effective on Ghost Type.”
Honedge seemed afraid of the prospect of challenging the dark type trainer, and so Echo comforted him, saying, “I believe in my Pokémon. They can win even against the odds.”
"I think that even if you used Fighting type pokemon you could be defeated by my Brother" said Karma "He is a battle genius even if he don't acting like one, in your fight you both will had to fight using your best battle strategy and by giving you all" after that he thought for a while "I will bring you to Ecruteak City tomorrow, you, my brother and maybe someone else too" Karma told Echo and then he sended out Ursaring "Okay, you remember our old battle arena Ursaring. Clean it with Superpower and return here" then his pokemon headed to Arena then Karma also dissapired somewhere.


Previously m1h4jl0
When Kyle arrived in Ecruteak City,he first went in hotel he ordered his room and then he went to Poke Mart to buy something for his Pokemons. After that he trained for a bit and then went back in restaurant to lunch.
'After quick nap I will go and win Fog Badge.' Kyle thought while he was eating his Pizza with 4 cheese's
(OOC: Sorry I haven`t posted, been kinda confusing to reply, I`ll just do this BIC)
Flynn walked into the pokemon centre of Goldenrod city, he gave his pokemon to the nurse and sat down to wait.
After about three minutes the nurse called him back up to the counter, he took his pokemon from the nurse and walked back outside of the pokemon centre, he still hadn`t taken notice of how dark it was.
Scythe came to his home and Karma was already waiting for him "Hi there, little bro"
"Hi, I'm tired now, can we talk later" He asked Karma, he looked at him like he understood and walked away. Scythe came to his room and he and Zorua lyied on the bed, In the midnight something woke him up. Egg hatched and a houndour came from it "Hi there, little one"
Flynn yawned, "I guess it`s late, may as well just go back inside," he said to himself, he walked back into the pokemon centre and bought a room for himself and his pokemon. They gave him a room and he walked upstairs, opening a door to enter his room were he dropped his bag and let out his pokemon. He walked back and locked the door before sitting on his bed to watch his pokemon play.