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Private/Closed Johto: The New Gym Leaders

"So you also want to become a Gym Leader" Scythe said to Echo and looked at his honedge then at him and he said "If you have any questions you can ask me, I lived here for almost 5 years so I can show you around"
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Ace arrived to the town. He went to a post office where he recieved a package from Aloala. Ace opened to find 2 pokeballs he opened up the pokeball's. To find a Turtonator and Jangmo-o. The Turtanator gave Ace a big hug. "Get off" Ace told the pokemon annoyed but the pokemon hugged harder. As Jangmo-o ignored her.
Flynn had already left for the gym, first going to the pokemon center to heal his pokemon and then challenging Bugsy. He walked into the azalea gym, on the other side of the large battlefield, "This will be a one on one battle," the judge said, "I hope your ready," Bugsy said as he threw a pokeball, releasing bagon.

"Use ember!" Flynn commanded, a small flame sparked in bagon`s mouth, which flew at scyther hurting it,
"Quick attack!" Bugsy commanded, the scyther began swiftly flying at bagon, moving from side to side to avoid another ember,
"Headbutt!" Flynn commanded, bagon jumped up at the scyther but it dodged the attack and slashed at bagon twice.

"Fury cutter!" Bugsy commanded,
"Headbutt!" Flynn added,
the scyther held up it`s scythes but bagon quickly jumped at scyther, headbutting it right in the chest, making it faint.

"Good job," Bugsy said, walking to Flynn side of the field as they both returned there pokemon, he gave Flynn the badge and Flynn left the gym to go back to the pokemon center.
Levi smiled and turned to face the newly emerged Munchlax. "Well hey there lil' guy, what are you doing out here?" He asked whilst Buneary hopped over and said hello to the Munchlax who responded cheerfully and turned to hopefully answer Levi's question. Usually as a Munchlax, it's main goal is to find food, but it had a different reason for coming over, Munchlax explained in a language only Buneary could understand, but as Levi and Buneary were as close to each other as siblings, it wasn't that hard for Levi to understand her and in turn, slightly understanding Munchlax. "So I'm guessing you're lonely and you want something better than to merely go around finding food, is that right?" Levi asked, Munchlax responded with a nod.

Levi sighed and smiled. "You know, I have been looking for another Pokémon to add to my team and for a Pokémon like you to stray from your usual path is rather unique. If you're interested, I'll be happy to add you to the team." He said as he got out a Poké ball which glistened in light. Munchlax was slightly surprised at the offer, but seconds later, he tapped the Poké ball and disappeared into it. The ball shook once... twice... three times... and clicked to indicate a successful catch. Levi smiled and put the Poké ball to his forehead. "Welcome to the team, Munchlax." He said before he put the Poké ball in is pocket and began to make his way to Azalea town. Buneary bounced up on to Levi's shoulder as he walked.
Scythe waved for goodbye to Exho and he was heading to his home, then he met his Brother in the way. "Hi, little bro. Father want you to meet with him in his Office" Karma said with poker face. "Come on, if I was you, I won't let our Dad wait for me"
Scythe quickly ran to their home and then he found his Dad, he was sitting on his chair and he looked at documents "Scythe, I wanted to ask you something"
"What do you want to ask, Dad" Scythe asked.
"Do you made any Friends on your Journey" His Dad asked him and he looked at him with his cold black eyes.
"Yes, I met many great people and theirs pokemons" Scythe replied.
"Then you can continue a journey, but I want from you that you will defeat all Gym leaders and then you will do for me one thing, after that Karma will fight with you. If you win, I will help you with your dream" He said and he showed a letter to Pokemon League. "But if you lose, then you will stay at home and help me with my work"
"Thank you, Dad. Thank you" and Scythe went outsite, where his Zorua was waiting. "You heard that Zorua, He let me continue my journey. Now I think that we should train hard and wait for Flynn" and they both filled with joy, walked around the city.
Echo left the Pokémon Center. He decided that he would check out the radio tower before the gym. After entering, he answered a 5 question quiz all correctly. He was tempted to say that Pokéballs were made from apricots, but he knew it wasn’t true. As a prize, he got a radio card for his Pokegear. He immediately began to listen to the radio.
Scythe met Echo when he walked with Zorua. "Oh, hi Echo. What are you doing right now?" He asked when he saw that Echo was listening to something. His Zorua quickly ran to Echo and sat next to him.
Echo turned off his radio as soon a she saw the Zorua come near him. He greeted Scythe and said, “I was just about to challenge the gym here.”
His Honedge oce again tried to move its cloth closer to Scythe’s arm. It was quickly stopped.
"Whitney is stronger than Bugsy and Falkner, even if your ghost have immunity for Normal attacks, without a strategy you can't win" said Scythe to Echo. "I know that becouse year ago I was fighting her with Zorua and now she treat me like a child and weakling... You know, Maybe I will go with you and I also will destroy her" Scythe told to Echo.
Once Levi got into Azalea Town, his first thought was going to a Pokémon center to heal is Buneary from training before the Gym battle. Once inside, he put his Poké ball and Buneary on the counter. "Think you can heal my Pokémon please?" He asked. "Certainly." Nurse Joy responded as she took his Pokémon. Levi went to sit on a nearby chair and wait for his Pokémon to be healed.
“I think I’ll be fine, but thanks for caring.” Replied Echo. “I’ve watched some of her battles, and her strongest Pokémon is he miltank. It will barely be able to touch my ghost types with rollout, and any normal moves it tries to use won’t work.”
Echo entered the gym.
"He is very confident. We also are lot stronger than earlier, maybe I schould try fight with her but first, I will watch his fight" Scythe said, he went inside to the Gym and he looked at the arena.
Echo said to Whitney, “I am here to challenge you! Go Phantump!”
“Let’s do this!” Said Whitney. “I love Pokémon battles. Go Clefairy! Use Moonblast!”
Honedge shook off the Moonblast like it was nothing. “Now, use Iron Head!”
The super-effective Iron Head connected with the Clefairy and knocked it out in one hit. “No! Clefairy, return. Now, Miltank, destroy him!”
“Honedge, return.” Said Echo.
“What!!! I wanted my revenge!!!” Replied Whitney.
“Now, annihilate it, Phantump!” Said Echo. “Use Energy Ball!”
“Use Rollout!” Said Whitney. The rollout connected with minimal damage due to Phantump’s resistance, and the battle continued like this since Miltank was locked into rollout. Eventually, Miltank lost, and Echo got his plain badge. “Thanks, Whitney!”
He then sat down in the arena and told Scythe, “Its your turn.”
"Whitney, what happend" said Scythe with the great smile on his face. "You didn't get stronger at all, what a waste of time"
"I never thought that child like you will have fun from my defeat, I will crush you" Whitney yelled in anger. "Go, Clefairy"
"Let's do this Pawniard" said Scythe as he threw luxury ball and he sended his pokemon. "Clefairy, use Flamethrower"
"Pawniard, dodge it and use Metal Claw" and Clefairy was quickly defeated.
"When you get so strong, Go Miltank" and she sended Miltank from his Great ball.
Scythe returned his Pawniard and his Zorua ran to the arena. "like in our last battle, Zorua use false swipe"
"Miltank, use stomp" But Zorua was faster and he hited Miltank. "Use Milk Drink" Whitney shouted to her Miltank. "Foul Play" and Miltank Fainted. "How is this possible, I lost to that stupid boy"
"You know that I can hear you" Scythe asked her then to the arena came Karma. "Mr. Karma, what are you doing here" Whitney asked shocked when she saw Scythe's brother. "I wanted to congratulate Challengers who won with you" Karma said and he smiled at Scythe then at Echo.
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Kyle was a bit some awesome shop in Goldenrod,but he didnt remembered its name. After that quick shopping he decided to take on Gym Leader Whitney. He entered Gym.
"I am Kyle from Slateport and I dont have much time so let's battle"said Kyle fast.
"Slow down. If you want battle you will get it. Go Miltank."said Whitney and battle started
"Go Scyter. Use Fury Cutter."
Scyter attacked and took half of its health.
"Hm. Interesting. Body use Rollout"
It was a strong attack that almost crushed Scyter.
"Ok,Scyter finish her with Pursuit."Kyle said and Scyter attacked fainting her.
"You are good. Lets see how will you do against my Clefairy"
"Go Cascoon"
"Non evolved Cascoon,you already lost."
"Hahahha. We will see. Use Harden."
"That wont help you. Use Pound."
After Cascoon getting hit few times he evolved in Dustox.
"Now,Dustox,use Confusion."
After Confusion Clefairy fainted.
"Here is your badge. How you done that?"Whitney asked after match.
"My Cascoon was high level already it just needed to evolve. Now excuse me I have to go. Bye"Kyle said and left Gym heading to Ecruteak City to continue his adventures
Karma came to the Echo. "Hey, You're one of my brother's friends? What's your name" He asked when he grabed Echo's Honedge. "You have really cute looking honedge here" Karma said then he relased him. "You don't have place to sleep, do you. You can come with us, I'm sure that Father would be happy to meet new person" Then he smiled at young trainer.
"You speak too fast, bro" Scythe said to Karma.
Nurse Joy came to the counter to let Levi know that his Pokémon were fully healed. "Thank you so much, let's go Buneary." He said as he grabbed Munchlax's Poké ball and Buneary jumped off the counter and on to Levi's shoulder once more. "Alright, now let's go and take down that Gym!" He said confidently, Buneary cheered as they made their way out the door and toward the Gym. "Hopefully this'll go well, either way, I need to train afterwards." Levi thought, knowing he was far from the strong trainer he wished to be.
This Karma person seemed a bit weird to Echo, but he went ahead and accepted the invitation for a free place to stay the night, anyway. When Karma grabbed Honedge, Echo was really afraid of Honedge trying to steal Karma’s life energy, but luckily, that did not happen.
"Scythe, you shouldn't stop your Brother corversation" Karma said to Scythe "anyway, what's your name friend. Its nothing to be shy, if you want I can show you my Ghost pokemon becouse I saw that you were using them in battle"
“My name is Echo. I’m a ghost type specialist.” Said Echo. “I would be interested to know what ghost type Pokémon you use, since you seem to be strong. I want to be ghost type gym leader, so I should probably learn more about them.”
"Okay, My name is Karma and Yes I'm pretty strong and this is my pokemon. Go, Banette" and he sended his pokemon. Banette quickly came near to Echo and then he returned to his trainer side. "This is Banette, I caught him when I was visiting Hoeen region"
“You went to the Hoenn region? Interesting.” Said Echo. “How many places have you travelled to? I’m from Alola, particularly Malie City on Ula’Ula Island. This is my first time leaving the region.”
Karma smiled at Echo. "As a trainer I traveled in Johto and Sinnoh, when I started work for Pokemon League I visited Hoeen and Unova, I was in Poni Island once to fight in Battle Tree" Karma told to Echo. "Okay, Banette return. I and Scythe will go home soo, You can come with us"
“Thanks.” Said Echo to Karma and Scythe as he followed them to their house. He couldn’t help but wonder what Karma did for a job and who he was. He seemed very mysterious to Echo, and very charismatic.
"Alright, we are here. Welcome, future great trainers, in our Hause" Said Karma as they reached giant white building with black roof. Karma and Scythe went inside and they greeted with their Father. Old Man was sitting on the sofa in Living room and he was watching TV one of Karma's Battles recorded by his Brother.
Echo followed the two brothers close behind. Their house was pretty large, and in the living room, which could be seen from the entrance, Echo could see someone who must be their father watching a video of one of Karma’s battles. Echo began to wonder, ‘How important was this family?’ Then another thought occurred to Echo, ‘What exactly does Karma do for a living?
Of course, Echo did not voice any of this out loud to the brothers or their father. However, he did return his Honedge into its ball.
Scythe's Father saw Echo and he turned off TV. "Who is he" and he pointed at Echo.
"This is one of Scythe's Friends, his name is Echo. I hope that this isn't a problem for you if he will stay here for some time" Explained Karma. "Of course it isn't a problem and now, do you want to watch that Battle with me"
"No, thanks Dad" Scythe said and he looked at Echo then he pointed the door.
After beating the gym and healing his pokemon at the pokemon center Flynn began to walk through Ilex forest with gligar sitting on his head looking around, it was darker than he had expected so he probably wouldn`t know when it was night, unless he checked his pokegear constantly.
Levi smiled as he noticed Flynn head out of the Gym, but decided to take on the Bug Type Gym himself before he got distracted with anything else. Once inside, he looked across the other side of the field to see Bugsy the Gym leader. "Another challenger already? Nice to meet you anyway, my name's Bugsy, what's yours, challenger?" The Gym leader asked. "You can call me Levi." Levi responded. "What do you say we have a one on one battle?" Bugsy asked.

"Sounds good to me, what about you Buneary?" Levi asked as Buneary cheerfully responded by getting off Levi's shoulder and hopping to the battlefield. "Alright then, go Scyther!" Bugsy shouted as he sent out Scyther who shared Buneary's determination to battle.
Karma got a call and he left the room, He quickly returned to everyone. "I will go to Ilex Forest for a while" He said and he continued "Echo, if you want to rest then room for guests is on this way" then he pointed the door and he left home.
Ace walked back to Bugsy's gym. After noticing several men with masks and stars on their uniforms. "Dammit Father." He muttered walking back to the Gym. He began getting tired and went on Turtantors back and fell asleep with Swablu on his head. Turtanator walked up to Bugsy's gym and saw a boy leave he waved.
"Turt" He greeted the boy.
Echo went into the guest room, and he quickly fell asleep. He had bad dreams of something strange, and when he woke up, his whole room seemed to be dark. There was a light on in the room, since the chandelier attached to the ceiling was lit. Then, echo thought, ‘Wait, is the chandelier attached to the ceiling?’
Then the glowing purple chandelier, which was now shaking, like it was swinging. Except, it wasn’t swinging, since it wasn’t attached to the ceiling. Echo realized what was happening, and he quickly reached down to his belt to pull off his Pokéball containing Honedge. The Lampent quickly used ember on the Honedge, but it had been a trick, because while the lampent had not been paying attention, echo had sent out Phantump. Phantump snuck up behind Lampent and used a super effective feint attack, which pushed it towards the wall. Then, Echo threw his Pokéball, and it shook three times, catching the ghostly chandelier. He returned his Pokémon to their balls, as the room returned to normal lighting. He decided to take another nap, and he slept for a while.
Scythe heard that something in Echo room and he opened the door, then he saw that Echo had a nap. "Echo, wake up. Karma want to see us in the entrence to Ilex Forest" said Scythe then his Pawniard used Metal sound to make sure that Echo isn't sleep.
“Ow!” Said Echo as he jumped up from his bed, saying, “I’m up. I’m up. Stop that noise!”
Echo had heard the noise from metal sound and gotten up. “Ok, but why are we going to the Ilex Forest. We already travelled through that. I want to go on to the next gym in Ecruteak City.”
"If my Brother want to see you, then better for you if you will come quickly" said Scythe seriously "We have to go and maybe he will give you something" said Scythe, he knew that his Brother sometimes help in Ilex Forest when night come then many trainers lost way to the City.
Flynn was around three quarters through the forest before he checked his pokegear, "It`s getting late, lets start up camp," he said before opening two pokeballs, releasing starly and bagon, "Do you think you two can help get some small pieces of wood?" Flynn asked bagon and gligar, the word "small" seeming very important.

They both began to gather small branches of wood, giving them to Flynn for him to put in the fire area, soon they had enough wood, "Bagon, ember," Flynn said, a small flame appeared from bagon`s mouth, landing on the pile of wood starting a fire. Everyone sat around the fire, not much of the night was noticeable but it was definitely dark, the light from the crackling fire slowly moving around the small area.
“Ok,” Said Echo as he followed Scythe, “I’m coming.”
Echo and his Honedge, which he had sent back out arrived at the forest when the sun began to set. “Ok, buddy,” He said to Honedge, “Here we are, back at the Ilex Forest. I hope that Trevenant isn’t still here...”
Honedge made a clanging noise in agreement.
Scythe was walking with his Brother in the Forest looking for a trainers "At night, Wild Pokemons are more aggressive to trainers" He remind himself then he saw a Smoke from campfire when he reached it he saw Flynn "Hi there, You should go with me, you know. It isn't Save at night" Scythe said, he didn't recognize Flynn. In the same time Karma met on his way Echo.
"Oh hi scythe," Flynn replied, recognising him easily, "Look if you say so," he added, picking up his stuff with the help of his pokemon, "So how close are we to Goldenrod city here?" he added after he had everything and was ready to put out the fire, completely unaffected by the warning that should be scary.
"We will be here in 2 hours, we must be Quick" Scythe said then his egg started moving. "Oh come on not now" he said and he quickly ran to right path then 3 beedrills attacked him. "Zorua, use foul play" after getting a hit, one of opponents fainted. Then rest of them attacked Zorua but he was still standing.