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Private/Closed Johto: The New Gym Leaders

"Heh, now we can go everywhere with that company" then he pated nidoran and then he did facepalm "I forgot about poison point but you don't have it, do you."then he pated him again.
"Don't worry he's friendly" Lucas said, he looked into the cave "Seems a bit dark in there . . . Any one of you guys have a flashlight ? Or a partner that can use Flash ?" Lucas asked, a few Zubats flew out crying furiously before flying straight back in "That's a weird sight to see, normally they don't do that . . ." Lucas mumbled, "Something is annoying them . . . " he added.
"Aww that`s cute," Flynn said looking at the nidoran, his gligar jumped off of his head after eating the pokepuff,
"Glii," they said to the nidoran as Flynn finished his breakfast, "Ok done," Flynn said, "We can get going whenever you want, I don`t have either" he added replying to lucas.
"What are you doing here today" Jenny asked.
"I want to be a gym leader, you don't seem like your a local?" Ace asked.
"Oh I'm from Aloala I'm going back soon." Jenny responded.
"Aloala has strong dragon pokemon" Ace explained.
"theres better things about Aloala then the Pokemon." Jenny explained hitting Ace in the head. Ace remembered as a child him playing with Swablu and being kicked in the head and laughed at by his Father. Ace walked towards the gym "I'm doing the gym battle you can come if you want. Ace walked into the gym.
"I hope your ready to battle" Ace told Bugsy.
The man got into his hotel room and sent out his pokemon. "Hey Avalug come over" The man told his pokemon. The man put a can of beer on Avalug's back.
"Avvaalug?" The pokemon asked
'Its nothing don't worry." the man chuckled.
Echo woke up in his tent. He couldn’t:t quite remember what he had done with Honedge last night, but he figured it wasn’t good, and it was probably better he didn’t remember it. He got out of his sleeping bag, quickly packed up his stuff and tried to walk off towards the gym to do his fight before someone noticed him.


Previously m1h4jl0
Kyle woke up in his tent. First he ate something for breakfast. Then he went into bushes to find some berries to feed Scyter because he was out of his food. When he went into bushes he found a Wurmple there.
"Finnaly,after so long. Pokeball go." said Kyle and threw Pokeball.
After few swingings Pokeball stoped moving and Kyle catched his 2nd Pokemon -Wurmple.

(((I will edit trainer card later)))
"I'll only use 2 pokemon okay." Bugsy told Ace.
"Doesn't matter to me." Ace answered.
"Go Kakuna" Bugsy commanded.
'Go Swablu" Ace commanded.
"Kakuna use harden." Bugsy commanded.
"Swablu use peck" Ace commanded. Swablu hit Kakuna with the beak causing Kakuna to move back.
"Kakuna use poison sting" Bugsy commanded. Kakuna hit swablu with its tail.
"Swablu use fury attack' Ace commanded. Swablu rapidly attacked Kakuna from the air knocking Kakuna out.
"Go Scyther." Bugsy commanded.
"Swablu use take down." Ace commanded. Swablu flew to Scyther and flipped it over.
"Scyther use fury cutter." Bugsy commanded. Scyther sloced Swabu in several places causing Swablu to fall down.
"Swablu use Steel wing" Ace commanded. Swablu's wing turned steel and hit Scyther knocking out the pokemon.
"Good job here's your badge" Bugsy told Ace and threw him the badge.
Echo walked in on another trainer’s battle and saw them win. When they were done, he went up to Bugsy and challenged her. He lost badly to Scyther, and he decided to go out and train.
While out training, he went ahead and went into the Ilex Forest. It was a little blocked off, but he cut down trees with his Honedge. Slamming into them, he cut down tree after tree, until he came to one that was already cut down. Slowly, he approached it, wondering what cut it down, but then, it popped out of the ground and floated towards him. He threw a Pokéball out of fear towards it, and it somehow caught first try.
Echo said, “Cool! A Phantump! Bet you didn’t expect that, huh, Honedge?”
Honedge tried to cut down another tree in agreement, but the tree attacked it, and Echo freaked out and ran from the forest with Honedge from the wild Trevenant. “That thing is insane,” he said, “We shouldn’t have even gone in there, but at least we got a new friend.”
Echo went to the Pokémon Center to heal up, and once he was done, he sat down at a chair and released both his Pokémon to play with them.


Previously m1h4jl0
Kyle walked in Gym and saw a trainer who just lost against Bugsy coming out.
'I will beat him and take my second badge.'Kyle thought.
"Bugsy,I am Kyle,bug type trainer from Slateport City. Prepeare to lose" said Kyle to gym leader
"Ok,this will be interesting. Go Scyter"
"Ok,Go Scyter too" said Kyle and battle started
"Scyter,use False Swipe"said Bugsy
"Scyter,use Wing Attack"said Kyle
Before Bugsy's even attacked Kyle's Scyter done Wing Attack and took half of its health.
"Use Pursuit"said Bugsy and his attack barely touched Kyle's Scyter
"Scyter now finish him with Vacuum Wave"
Scyter done Vacuum Wave and fainted other Scyter.
"Ah,ok you deserve this"said Bugsy and gave Kyle Hive badge
"See ya later."said Kyle and left Azalea Town Gym
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"Ok, I`ll follow you," Flynn said walking behind Scythe into Union cave, his gligar jumping off his head to look around the cave,
"See anything interesting," he said as his gligar searched the cave,
"Gliii," they replied shaking their head, not finding anything useful.
"Finally, well let`s get to challenging Bugsy, you ready gligar?" Flynn asked
Flynn looked around, gligar was gone, "What?" he thought, it was only a second or two until gligar returned.
"Glii," they said, sneaking something into Flynn`s bag before jumped back onto his head,
"Well, good thing your here, we are gonna challenge the gym," Flynn said to his gligar.
"Hey whats up with your name?" Jenny asked.
" As a kid My parents didn't name me to them I was a solder. I used to hang out near the casino the only man who was kind to me Steely, used to play blackjack with me. One day he asked about my name and I told him I didn't have one. he named me after his favorite cad ace of spades, but we shortened it to Ace." Ace explained.
"Oh" Jenny mouthed.
"Hey keep in touch I got to go back home bye Ace." Jenny told Ace.
"ill miss you." Ace told Jenny seriously
Flynn walked to the pokemon center, he entered and gave his pokemon to the nurse before sitting down, they had to have been in the cave for a while, but he would still challenge the gym leader. It was only a few minutes before his pokemon were healed,
"Flynn to the counter," the nurse said, Flynn walked to the counter and took his pokemon before saying thanks and leaving the pokemon center.
Scythe also came to pokemon center but he was earlier then he saw a Red haired trainer who was coming to him. "Hi, little bro if you are here that means that you finally wins with Violet Gym. Dad sends congratulation and everything."he told to Scythe with official voice.
" Hi big bro, I always was the best" and he smiled at him.
"I Have something for you, two things one is from Dad and second from me" he said
"What is this"
"From Father, a pokemon Egg. I don't know what a pokemon will reveal from it" then he continued "I will give you a pokemon battle in the center of the city when you get second badge, your full team vs 1 of my pokemons" and after that he left Scythe in pokemon center. "So now I will go to Azalea Gym"
Flynn walked to a small area in the forest around Azalea town, "Come on out," he said throwing up three pokeballs, releasing his gligar, bagon and starly.
"Let`s do a bit of training before we challenge the gym," he said to his pokemon, "Glii," "Staaar," "Baaag," they said happily, bagon began to hit a tree like it did earlier while starly and gligar played a game of tip. Bagon looked up at the two flying around, it tried to reach up with it`s small stubby arms. Flynn seeing it said walked over to it, lying down next to it as they looked up at the two flying pokemon playing together in the air, neither saying a word as they watched.
Scythe reached the Azalea Gym and went inside then he saw a Trainer with Kakuna and he shouted to him "Where I can find a gym leader Bugsy".
"You are talking with me right now" Bugsy said and he smiled at Scythe.
"Okay, then I challenge you for your bange" Scythe said and then he saw that he is in the arena already.
"Let's do it, Boss" and he send out his murcrow.
"Go, Kakuna. Use poison sting" Bugsy yelled and Kakuna rushed at murcrow.
"Wing attack, quickly" said Scythe then moves collided but murcrow was stronger and he threw by his wing attack, his opponent away. Kakuna fainted after hit.
"Go Metapod" and Bugsy sended Metapod from his Netball.
Levi was in the forest with Buneary who practiced punching with her ears as well as her arms. "Keep it up Buneary, you'll need to get stronger if we're to beat the next Gym Leader... and I still need to find another Pokémon..." He said. As Levi watched Buneary's improvements, he began to hear someone hitting a nearby tree which caught both of their attention. "Wonder what's going on there, maybe they're training like us." He said to himself as he went to go and investigate, Buneary stopped training and hopped after her trainer.
Battle between Boss and Metapod ended similar to battle with Kakuna.
"Boss, you did it. Only one left to win" said happy Scythe when Murcrow landed after fight. "Our morning training really helped you"
"Go, Scyther. Use Quick attack" said Bugsy when he sended from Great ball his Scyther who quickly defeated his opponent. "Murcrow, you were great. Come back" Scythe said to his fainted pokemon.
"Let's take revange, Zorua. Use Fury Swipes" He yelled then he throw with Zorua pokeball.
Zorua attacked Scyther who was waiting for his trainer words. "Scyther, use Quick attack" Scyther quickly hited Zorua and he fainted. "Zorua, return. I believe in you, Soldier" and he sended from Luxury Ball his Pawniard.
Echo walked into the gym and sat in the stands, watching a gym battle unfold. The challenger seemed to be winning, but as Echo well knew, this gym leader was no pushover. Echo had already lost before, and he wasn’t planning on doing it again. He said to his Honedge, “This challenger seems a little cocky, don’t they?”
Flynn soon heard the noises of a trainer walking towards them, he quickly pulled himself onto his feet and brushed the grass off of his back. "Hi," he said to the trainer as his two airborn pokemon flew down towards him, gligar landing on his head while starly hovered in the air next to them.
Levi smiled and waved. "Hey there, I hope I didn't interrupt anything, I was just training with Buneary here and we heard a noise." He said as he put his hands in his pockets. Buneary looked up at Gligar and Starly and waved at them while cheerfully jumping a few times. "The name's Levi, by the way." He added.
"No you didn`t interrupt anything," Flynn replied "My name is Flynn," he added, gligar waving smiling at buneary as starly chirped happily still in the air "Star!" they said. Bagon watched them "Baaag," he said, "I was just training for the Azalea gym myself actually," Flynn added.
"Well at least you have more Pokémon to rely on; all I have is my good old pal Buneary." He said as he held his hand out, when he did, Buneary bounced up to the hand's level and high fived it. "I've actually had a hard time finding some decent Pokémon." He said. Little did he know of a Pokémon watching him from behind some bushes.
"Soldier, use Metal Claw" Scythe said to pokemon. "Scyther attack with Fury Cutter" Bugsy ordered and pokemons started a big duel. Each of them was parring and attacking his opponent but they couldn't find a opening then Scyther got tired as he fought with 2 pokemons earlier. Scythe saw a chance to win. "Soldier, use Aerial Ace" and his Pawniard slashed his opponent, Scyther was really tired and he fainted.
"That was really great battle" Bugsy said "Please, take this Hive Bange" and he handed Bange to the Scythe.
"Thank you, Now my Brother will fight with me" Scythe said and he heard voice from "I will wait for you in the center of the city"
When Jenny laughed. Ace was annoyed but he walked away from the town and headed towards Goldrend city on the way he came across several Pokemon. He battled with his Swablu against several pokemon to make Swablu stronger he cam acros a merchant selling Tm's. "You have any thing for Swablu?" Ace asked. Swablu landed on Ace's arm.
"Yeah I got Aerial ace and Ice beam." The Merchant told Ace.
"I'll take Ice beam." Ace told the man giving him some coins and taking the Tm's
“Ok, Bugsy!” Said Echo once the match was over and bugsy had healed his Pokémon, “Are you ready for my rematch? Go Honedge!”
The Metapod and the Kakuna were both easily destroyed by Aerial Ace from Honedge, but Scyther fought hard and managed to defeat Honedge with a fury cutter. However, it was finished off by Phantump.
“Thanks for the badge!” Said Echo as he ran out of the gym to go heal.
Scythe was waiting for his step-bro to came when he came, Scythe asked him. "Why do you wanted to battle me?"
"I wanted to see how much you improve, but don't worry. I will give you a handicap" then he threw his great ball and send out Azumarill. "You said that you will give me a handicap" Scythe said then he remind that Azumarill is a fairy type pokemon.
"And I gave a handicap, Azumarill is the weakest one in my team" he told to Scythe "Will you send your pokemon"
"Go, Soldier" and Scythe threw Pawdniard's Luxury Ball.


Previously m1h4jl0
After few hours after beating Gym Kyle ran trough Route 32 and went to Goldenrod City. He kind of looked him like his home town Slateport. Then he remembered he have to train with a Wurmple. He released him out of Pokeball and started to train. After not too much time of training. Wurmple started making shield around himself and then he started to evolve. Kyle wondered will it be Silcoon or Cascoon. He was more hoping to be Cascoon because his third evolution,Dustox is really strong. And so it was. Wurmple evolved in Cascoon.

(((Update of trainer card in morning)))
Battle of the Brothers ended quickly, Azumarill finished always his opponents with one water gun. "Well, I knew that we are on other skill levels but it was like comparing size of Ant to Universe" Said Scythe's brother to him. "Don't be mad, you have strong team but..."
"Can you stop now, Karma. Brother, please I want return to home" said Scythe to Karma.
"I heard that you came here with friends they are coming with us" Karma asked.
"No, I will leave them message by phone" said Scythe then he and Karma went inside his Car "Okay, We are returning Home,to Goldenrod City" Karma shouted and drove from Azalea City then Scythe used his phone to send message to Flynn. "I hope you will win battle with Bugsy. I have to return to my home in Goldenrod City, we can meet again there"
"Yeah, these two kinda just appeared," Flynn replied looking at starly and bagon, it was just then that he got the message on his pokegear from Scythe, he pulled it out, checked it, and put it back away in his bag.
"I should get challenging the gym soon, I need to catch up with my friend," he added.
Scythe and Karma reached their hause in the Goldenrod City. "I want you to be nice for Father, then maybe he will allow you to continue your journey". They came inside to hause and their Dad was already waiting for them. "Good morning Dad, I want to ask you if I can continue my journey"
"Yes, you can but I want you to stay here for some time" said Father to Scythe then he told him. "Can you leave us now" Scythe came to his room, it was one of the biggest rooms in his hause, he threw Zorua pokeball and lyied on bed.
"Hey Zorua what you will tell about little walk around the city" Scythe asked his pokemon and played with him a bit.
Levi smiled and nodded. "Alright, nice meeting you and good luck on your challenge." He said. Buneary bounced over to Flynn and smiled looking up at him. Minutes later, he began to hear some rustling in some bushes somewhere behind him. Levi and Buneary turned around to it. "Whoever's behind that bush, come out." He said with a slight stern look. After a few minutes of silence, the Pokémon emerged from behind the bushes... the Pokémon was a Munchlax.
Scythe was walking in the city with his Zorua when they met Whitney "Hey there, Scythe. Do you returned to home, to your toys. You always was soo childish" She said then she asked "What is Karma doing". "He have conversation with Dad right now" Scythe replied to Whitney "And you are nice as always, I see." Scythe said and then he saw that Zorua was looking at someone's Ice Cream "do You want some? Okay we will go now, bye Whitney" and they left her alone "Thank you, Zorua" he told to his Friend.
Now that he had the badge, Echo entered the Ilex Forest, and, after outrunning a Trevenant, he managed to exit the forest. Next up was goldenrod, and both he and his Pokémon were excited. They arrived in Goldenrod and decided to stay at the hotel there. Then, they went to the Pokémon Center to heal and get some food.
After eating an Ice creams Scythe and Zorua came to pokemon center and he saw a guy ,who Scythe saw that he had been looking at his battle with Bugsy. "Hey there friend, I wanted to say hello to you earlier but I had something important to do."Scythe said to Echo waiting for reply
"My name is Scythe by the way, and yours" he smiled at Echo, He wanted to forget about meeting with Whitney.
“Hi! My name is Echo. I’m a ghost-type specialist, and I will be a ghost type gym leader. Nice to meet you!” Said Echo. His Honedge went closer to the newcomer and began to move its cloth towards the newcomers arm. Echo stopped Honedge quickly, because that is how Honedge steals people’s life energy.