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Private/Closed [MHA] The Next Generation

Character info weewooo-
Name: Shasuki Hakazuro
Age: 15
Appearance: Hakazuro is a slim 5'8 teen who has a casual fit, seeming to be seen in some sort of hero-like get-up.
(casually switches picture because stolen art goes brr. Sorry-)
Personality: Hakazuro is a easy-going fun-loving person, due to this, he actually hates conflict a bit. He is known when to sharpen his mind nonetheless when a situation turns bad., getting some sort of sense of seriousness. But in a normal time, he is a hard working person who trains daily, trying to push his own limits to get stronger. Yet he can zone out often, which makes him a soft spot when he does have these moments.

Quirk: Sound
Quirk info: Hakazuro is able to emit soundwaves that could reach up to more than 100,000 decibels if he used his quirk at full power,
whether it be from his hands, or his mouth. He could also mimic any sound he has heard, and an example of this is a bird's cry, or a siren of a police cruiser. This does have a limit though. If he uses his quirk at max decibels for more than an hour, he eventually enters his audio feed state.

Audio feed state: It is like a state of comatose. His eyes turn a static blue, and a soft buzzing of static could be heard from him if you're close enough. This goes on for a good 10 minutes, reaching up to an hour if he passed his limit.

History: Not much is known about Hakazuro. What he's mostly known for is being a survivor of a villain attack that killed his entire family, so he is usually praised for his ``Self-righteousness`` and such. Yet he doesn't give a crap about these praises, as he just wants to live a normal life. Apparently, he lives with his uncle due to the attack now.

(Thats all for char info, so yeehaw-)
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Fit for Hakazuro
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While I do like the idea of a volleyball/dodgeball match, I'm not so sure if we should play it out. Maybe a fade to black to sometime in the near future.

I'm kind of partial on wanting a more action-packed scene where our characters can get their lives in danger again. XD

If people want to, I feel like they can iron out the details of what happened during their game if they want to ever talk about it. XD so yea


Previously Night's Shadow
Yeaaaaahhhhh I have a bit of a hard time writing romantic interaction 100% not because I’ve never had any romantic interaction in my life heheheheheh or writing scenes where I’m not beating the snot out of people (or getting the snot beat out of me as the theme seems to be XD)

I’d be down for a timeskip, I’d like to continue this rp ^^


Previously Night's Shadow
You will be in my prayers, my man

Second off— Schrift told me he’s taking a little break from RPing, so he might not be active for a bit. Just a heads-up.

And last I’ll get a post up later today.

EDIT: for realsies this time I’ll get one up later today ^^”
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Just a heads up. If y'all want to advance the story, go ahead. I mean if y'all have an idea for what the first exam could be, I give you leave to implement it.

Edit: Feel free to auto Caleb if you need to. I'm still working through my issues and I don't think I should hold y'all up.
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Previously Schrift007
The fire fighter person is someone I'm planning for Hiro to fight, it's the perfect adversary for him.

Basically for starters his name is Shinro and he has a quirk that will make fighting him hard if you're going one on one. Basically, he can turn kinetic energy that he receives into Thermal energy. And vice versa. Though it does take roughly 5-30 seconds for him to switch between thermal to kinetic and kinetic to thermal. This basically means if you punch him, he will throw a lot of fire at you depending on how hard you hit him. And if you try to burn him, well he'll hit you like a train. Though that means he can still be electrocuted and in a 2 v 1 he will find it harder to get time to switch. He can hit himself or get others to hit him to make fire but he can't absorb his own fire to make him hit harder. There is a limit to how much he can take though.
If someone else wants to be a captain let me know and I'll retcon my post. I just picked whoever seemed most likely to be chosen for the job.

Also @XxZionxX I don't know if you're still interested but I'm willing to accept your application (my apologies for the long delay). He hasn't been on for two weeks but if he returns the option is open.
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Previously Night's Shadow
Coolio, I should be able to make a post later today or tomorrow if I can stop playing genshin impact istg that game is addicting

I also might draw up Dakarai again in hero costume. Maybe. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Whoops. I'll get a post up tonight. Anyone want to catch my lazy self up so I don't have to read through all those posts- I get the gist of the exam, just need some clarification on our team's strategy (especially what Ru and Sam should be doing).
I'm waiting for confirmation on who is at the exam. I could have Drayda take Hiro and that's it, but I'm seeing if Drayda can have one more. If not, then I'll just have her use Hiro.


Previously Schrift007
I have a question, for round 2 of the license exam, will it be similar to the one in the anime? What I mean by that is, will there be a pro hero playing the villain while we rescue civilians?

Also, will actual villains attack?