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Private/Closed [MHA] The Next Generation

Sooo i just moved into my new apartment and we won't be having concrete wifi until this weekend. I'll try my best to stay within the action that is happening right now, but given that I gave Drayda an option to opt out of everything and anything that could happen within that dialogue without her jumping in, I think I'll be fine.
So, I want to include four characters who will be working at an agency together and were around the same age as the now aged up adults (like Aizawa, Present Mic, Midnight, etc.), and I was wondering if it was okay to include their character sheets.
These guys are NPCs and likely wouldn't be around all that often. However, if there is anybody who wants to interact with them, I'd rather be the one controlling them. These guys are near and dear to my heart and I have had several people wrongly play them. But it is to give another agency for others to join for Work Studies and Hero Studies.
I know Sara can seem pretty powerful and I intend to give this agency as less RP time as possible to prevent showcasing this. If she has too much access to different abilities, I can narrow it down to mind-reading, hypnosis, and psychic manifestation.

Name: Sara Middleton
Age: In her 40s
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: Pro Hero, Agency Leader, and Hero Studies worker
Hero Name: In America as a Vigilante - Psy-Cat; In Japan as a Pro Hero - Psycho-Neko
Quirk: Emitter - Psychic
Quirk Detail: Due to several quirk marriages in her family, her quirk is a bundled portion of other quirks combined under the umbrella term - Psychic. She gets massive migraines when she uses any part of her quirk for too long. Since it requires mental concentration and migraines inhibits this, it is difficult to go through everyday life. She usually uses her quirk when in battle and, even though it is convenient to use her quirk to grab that soda off that counter, she'll get up from the couch and physically grab it anyway. When in combat, her adrenaline and other hormones pumping through her system help lessen the pain, including migraines, allowing her to use her quirk effectively until the hormones fade. However, conventional medicines are not strong enough to even lessen the pain of the migraines, so she is usually stuck with them until she sleeps them off. Her quirk can run rampant when she's angry or feeling a negative emotion, which is why she is very logical in almost everything she does, unless she's socializing with friends, family, or the students when they need some counseling. When in combat, this can cause her to be reckless, as she has less ability to regulate her emotions when using them to fight, causing odd glitches that lag her use in her quirk. If she uses her quirk too much, her own brain starts to hemorrhage and the blood vessels surrounding her sinuses start to burst. She'll bleed from her nose and mouth. If she continues after this warning, she'll start bleeding from her ears and eyes. Because the human brain won't allow the body (or even itself) to utilize too much of itself for danger of killing themselves, she will never be able to use as much of her quirk to end up killing herself. She will however, go into a catatonic state once the adrenaline stops flowing, allowing her body and mind to heal. The five portions of her quirk include mind reading, one-way telepathy, psychic manifestation as raw energy or glass, telekinesis, and hypnosis.

From her father, she was graced with mind reading, hypnosis, and one-way telepathy. Unlike her father, she can't fully turn off her mind reading. It is passive and is on all the time, meaning she can't help but read the forefront thoughts of those in the same room as her or those within 30 feet of her. However, she can shrink the radius of her mind reading influence to 10 feet and can lengthen it to cover the entirety of the U.A. building. She can telepathize up to ten people at once and, coupled with her mind reading ability, can relay information between minds she is needing to relay plans to. They may only hear her intended message within her mind; however, she forgets she is connected to someone telepathically and ends up sharing her forefront thoughts with them. Many people have asked if her telepathy is two-way, but it is her mind reading that allows her to read the other person's intended message, making it seem like a two-way transmission. Hypnotism can only be used if the recipient is willing, mentally or physically exhausted, or when they are mentally compromised (ie. shock, etc.). She can't suggest to them anything that goes against their morals and has to set a time limit to how long the suggestion may last before they become themselves. If it is about making a person confess and they don't want to, she can force this suggestion onto them, but it takes more out of her. She can only hypnotize one person at a time. She can also hypnotize herself, helping her center herself, believing something in actuality, become a villain herself if she so desired for some reason, and keep herself from being mentally compromised. She has even, on multiple occasions, take physical pain and turned it into a sensual pleasure (ie. feeling like she's been in a massage after being stabbed). However, after she reverts to normal, she gets a major migraine, putting her out of commission for a few days until it subsides.

From her mother, she was bestowed with psychic manifestation and telekinesis. With psychic manifestation, she can form barriers of glass, shards of glass usually used to disorient or attack her enemies from afar, or form a chunk of raw psychic energy. Being hit by a blast feels like a punch. She can also cover her body parts in a barrier with serrated edges and face of the barrier to give her hits a good wallop. Her barriers are as strong as glass, and can take more than what glass can if she sacrifices some of the pain and trauma the barrier undergoes to keep it up. If the barrier breaks completely, it will crack like glass and she can either disperse them into nothing or use them as daggers. When using shards of psychic glass, they disappear automatically after a short time. As for her telekinesis, she can lift objects (the heavier they are, the greater the concentration needed), or bodies if the people in question are willing, unconscious, or dead. She can also lift herself and willing people into the air if they get a running start or if they fall and use the momentum to boost forward. It can be faster than car or running, but she can't exactly go too fast unless she falls from a great height. Even then, it is difficult to steer, having to stop using her telekinesis and twisting in the air to get the momentum to move in that direction, so sharp turns are impossible. It is pretty difficult to do correctly. Another application of these two portions of her quirk make it nearly impossible to kill her. When she feels pain, her body promptly responds by passively moving her organs and shielding her bones and organs to protect them from the blow. Shielding in her body hurts, and moving her organs is not only uncomfortable, but can be excruciating, especially after doing it several times. Due to the stress of movement from an unseen force in a quick fashion, she can only do this several times before her organs start to rupture.
  • Mind Melt - She focuses so much psychic ability into the minds of those she's against that it causes hemorrhaging, migraines, loss of consciousness and even brain damage or death if kept up. However, she can't control the raw power very well, so allies have to leave the area when she unleashes this power.
  • Shattered Glass - She can manifest large planes of glass that start cracking as they manifest, covering the entire field below her and to her sides, containing her targets within this kaleidoscope of blue tinted glass. At her discretion or if they are hit, they break apart immediately and dig into the opponent until their slow fade is completed or until they die. This is rarely, if ever, used.
Appearance: She is 5'05" (162.6 cm) and weighs 155 lbs (70.3 kg). Sara is pale, has brown eyes that turn blue when she's using her quirk, has cat ears, a long cat tail, and fangs. Her cat ears, tail, and hair have a tabby cat pattern that is brown, blonde, and black. She doesn't have any ears and so she hides them with her pixie haircut. She doesn't have sharp nails as it impacts the way she types and writes. She has scars littering her body from past fights. Due to her age, she is starting to get greying hairs and wrinkles at the corners of her eyes and her laugh lines are accentuated (the lines that start from the sides of your nose and go down until they are beside the corner of your lips). She usually wears comfortable clothes, including a different colored hoodies depending on her mood, a cute shirt with little cats in a bowl of noodles, blue jeans, and combat boots.
Hero Costume: She has a comfortable, yet conforming dark grey spandex suit that covers her entire body, except it stops at her wrists, ankles, and neck. She has an open hole that shows off her belly, and it has two strips of stiff and hard fabric dangling from her lower back and jut outwards. At the end of each has a red circle within a black rhomboid attached to the stiff fabric. It is painful being whipped by this, as Sara is proficient in street dancing, like break dancing. She also wears padded shoes that have light grey markings resembling large claws. She always has her Bluetooth earpiece to contact faculty and other Pro Heroes to save her mind. She wears this during her work shift.
Personality: She is both a blended mix of logic and emotion, using both to suit her needs in everyday life and combat. Normally, she is a fun-loving, yet not too crazy person who loves cats and children. She is very understanding to everyone, including villains. She uses this, and her empathy, to either help nudge students to the right path, help people with their problems in their life, or try to right the wrongs of a villain by helping them open their eyes before she takes them to the police. However, there is a dark side to her. She can be very sadistic in battle, and can be very masochistic, purposefully getting herself hurt so her quirk can be used with even more brutality to further an itch. Due to her constant ability to read people's minds when she doesn't want to and hearing these voices all the time as well as constant migraines and the nature she takes during combat, her psyche sometimes slips, turning her into an animal. However, she feels remorseful afterwards and tries her best not to show this side of her.
Name: Mary Raitosoku
Age: In her 40s
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: Pro Hero and Agency Security
Hero Name: Jack Dog
Quirk: Emitter - Electrical Application
Quirk Detail: Mary has the ability to extend her senses to the electricity used in appliances and computers and gadgets. Just as long as she is in physical contact with a computer or a device, she can hear and see through it, given it has a lens or microphone to be able to do so. She can control the flow of electricity in any way she desires and can absorb the electricity without much harm coming to her. However, she has to drain the excess electricity one way or another, or else her body will get really bad shakes and she won't be able to sleep. She can drain her excess energy by releasing a rather powerful shock to get it out all at once and use it offensively. Since bioelectricity is still electricity, just in small amounts, she can give bioelectricity (which makes her sluggish) or take bioelectricity (amplifies her speed and power). The person in question who has their bioelectricity taken will experience sluggishness and exhaustion, while those who are given bioelectricity become erratic, quick, and it bolsters their power, durability, and speed. However, after the boost goes away, they experience massive fatigue, so they have to rest for a few days to get back to normal. If she wants to give bioelectricity but not bolster their ability to fight, she can give little amounts of conflicting electrical signals that paralyze the opponent for a few moments. She can sense electricity in the items around her, but can only sense them accurately when she's in the same room. If they are in the wall, she has to get close, and even then it is difficult to pinpoint where it is. To her, she can hear electricity with a slight humming, which gets louder the closer she is to the electrical device. Her hair also stands on end when she is nearby electricity, and her dog ears twitch with more frequency.
  • Electrical Symbiosis - Mary can ride atop someone's back and share her bioelectricity with them. In this way, she becomes one with them and she can help amplify and cycle bioelectricity between herself and her partner. To use this effectively, she has to have taken some bioelectricity before using this.
  • Charged Destruction - After Mary absorbs as much electricity as she can, she blasts it outward from her body, filling the area 20 feet from her with electricity that is excruciatingly painful and can lock joints and fry brains. She rarely uses this and it tires her out when used, disabling her quirk until she can use this again. This is more of a last resort attack.
  • Hijack Mayhem - Once Mary touches a computer, she can gain access, switching around code just as efficiently as she can change the flow of each individual wire. Once she gets her hands on a computer or other such server, she can gain easy access (given that there are no firewalls or other protection) to everything the server is connected to. If there is a firewall or other such protection on a device, she has no hope in gaining control over it, but she can sense through it if it has the capability to do so. This Ultimate only applies to more than one computer/server, as going through a computer and hijacking everything it has comes as easy as breathing.
Appearance: Mary is 5'06" (167.6 cm) and weighs 140 lbs (63.5 kg) and is quite pale. She has a muscular build, but since she usually does her Pro Hero duties behind the scenes and away from fights, she isn't as muscular or toned as most Pro Heroes. She has ears that resemble that of a Jack Russell Terrier - they fold forwards and are white with brown spots. Her hair is even white with brown spots, and her short tail shares this color and pattern. Unlike her hair, which is really soft, her tail has wire-like hairs. Her eyes are a bright green and her nails are usually painted in various colors. Her clothes consist of comfortable, but fashionable. She can wear everything from a long-sleeved shirt to a crop top, a skirt to bootcut jeans, and boots to high tops. The only thing that she has on all the time is her purple jacket she had since she was in U.A. High. She doesn't really wear jewelry, but she does have a pink purse.
Hero Costume: Mary has a yellow halter top with a pink lightning bolt on the front, yellow jeans that go up to her belly button, and pink combat boots. She has pink gauntlets with the fingertips open to allow her to touch objects, and there are yellow lightning bolts on the backs of her hands. The gauntlets have little generators in them, allowing her to use electricity without having to steal any from other sources. The gauntlets are powered by kinetic energy.
Personality: She is a very eccentric, hyperactive person. She goes on many tangents and is pretty hard to talk to when she's not trying to be professional. Regardless, she is very loyal and, while she can be pretty optimistic, has a no-tolerance attitude towards bullying, due to personal reasons and history. When she's not working, while trying to have a conversation with her can get irritating, she understands her wrongdoings and tries to make the best out of the situation and actually does a good job being socially acceptable. She can be a little loud and quick in her speech, and it is difficult to speak any quieter or slower. She worries a lot for people and does her best to make sure they are comfortable, even if she tries a little too hard.
Name: Viktor Vladimirovich
Age: In his 40s
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: Pro Hero, Agency Bodyguard, and Work Studies worker
Hero Name: Kuma Dansei
Quirk: Mutant - Bear
Quirk Detail: He has the characteristics of a bear. He's furry, large, extremely strong, has a strong sense of smell, poor eyesight that he needs glasses for, and gets out of commission when it gets cold, forcing him to eat a bunch before going into a catatonic state. He can also grow his fingernails into large claws that extend to the maximum of 4 feet, but he usually keeps them at 6 inches normally when fighting, so they don't break off. He only extends his claws when he's grappling somebody. He can handle being in the cold, but feels like he's sweltering when in 80 degree weather. He does have the snout and ears of a bear. His head is covered in fur and hair, but his hands remain human, his palms resembling that of bear pads and his nails being black and sturdy. He is able to lift large concrete blocks over his head, knock over dumpster trucks, he can take several bullets in the chest and keep going, and he can smell average smelling substances from two miles away. However, because he is a bear, he can't handle winter and he has to eat a lot to keep his energy up, mainly meats.
  • Bear Soul - He focuses in on himself and works himself up in a focused fit of wrath. When he's like this, his body tenses up, acting like armor. He then rushes headlong, tanking any hits that were dealt before smashing and gouging villains. He used to have an issue identifying who is friend or foe, but he uses his scent and keeps his mind open enough to realize that not everything in front of him should be turned to mince meat.
Appearance: Viktor is 7'03" (221 cm), is about two people wide, and weighs 400 lbs (181.4 kg) of a mixture of mostly muscle but quite a bit of fat; the minimum weight of a male grizzly bear and the height of one when standing upright if they were a foot shorter. His face resembles that of a bear, having the snout, bear ears, and the hairy face, the course hairs being brown. His eyes are yellow, and look nothing like a bear's. He has extremely sharp canines, but he hardly ever uses them for anything more than eating. The rest of his body is very humanoid, it just is covered in hair. His hands have rough pads on his palms, and his nails are black and jut out a little in dull points. His palms allow him to handle hot substances with ease, but prolonged exposure still burn his hands. He has a nicked ear and some scars that litter his arms and legs. He doesn't have a bear's tail and he has mixed feelings about this. He wears round glasses, and he doesn't wear much in the way of baubles and knick-knacks. He prefers to dress appropriately for the matter in which he's in, so he has a variety of clothes to choose from. When he works as a teacher, he wears his Hero Costume, but when he isn't he wears a business casual shirt with the sleeves rolled up, dress pants, dress shoes, and a Rolex watch.
Hero Costume: Viktor's hero costume isn't exactly much to speak of. The only thing he wears are blue ripped shorts and that's really about it. His hair covers the entirety of his rather human body, so the hair really acts like clothes.
Personality: He is a gentle giant at heart. He has a very upstanding way of talking to others and he loves helping people. He used to be rather brash and irritable when he was younger, but that has changed when he started making his way as a Pro Hero. He still can be irritable and can be a little impatient, but he has stamped that out when dealing with students for Work Studies as much as he was able to. He does joke every now and then, but they are rather tasteless, which is the reason why he doesn't make jokes to make people laugh; he makes them to make people uncomfortable and finds it pretty funny.
Name: Marija "Mara" Friedrich (Pronunciation: Maria fried-rick)
Age: In her 40s
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: Pro Hero and Agency's First Responder
Hero Name: Noberyu
Quirk: Transformation - Draconic Creation
Quirk Detail: Marija can create draconic body parts in reasonable places on her body. She can create functional wings (both with skin membranes and feathers), scales, horns, spines along her spine, claws, teeth, and tails. They can be any shape or length she desires. Of course, she has to learn how anatomy works to make them functional and she has to eat lots of vitamins, keratin, protein, and other such foods to power her quirk. Otherwise, she'll just exhaust herself. She cannot breathe any kind of weapon and doesn't have the ability to create organs or anything else to make a breath weapon. The more limbs she creates and control, the more mentally painful and exhausting it is. She can also shoot her scales at people, but this is rather painful and she prefers just to make a huge scale to block attacks and charge in with it like a shield.
  • Dragon Goddess - Marija uses all of her stamina and reserves to create six wings of varying composition, three tails, and her skin will become covered in scales jutting outward and her elbows, back, and knees become large spines. Her head becomes that of a true dragon and she then goes on a rampage. Afterwards, she faints and has to eat or else she'll starve herself to weakness.
Appearance: Marija is 5'08" (172.7 cm) and weighs 160 lbs (72.6 kg) and is quite pale. Her facial structure is that of a rather intense looking female German, accentuated with blonde hair and blue eyes with slits for pupils. She usually has her wings and tail formed, and they are a rather dull greyish brown. Her horns are ivory when they manifest and her scales are a greyish brown, as well. She can either have normal human teeth or sharpen them to become draconic. She has scars, but that could easily come from her scales popping off. When s he isn't eating as much as she should, she starts to look like she hadn't eaten in months. Her usual clothes are quite comfortable, ranging from t-shirts to tank tops and shorts to sweatpants. She usually just wears sneakers or, if she has energy to burn, create scales on her feet to create shoes.
Hero Costume: She wears a spandex suit that cuts easily and reforms easily, allowing her to not have to use her scales as a way to make clothes, since they can disappear, leaving her naked. She doesn't want that. Her spandex is a dull green and and only covers her torso and thighs. Beyond that, there isn't much.
Personality: She has two moods: Serious and no-nonsense, or joking but can be pretty mean. She means well and is a sweetheart, but her tone is rather strong or off-putting to those who aren't used to her. She finds battling absolutely fun and loves the high adrenaline lifestyle that Hawks has, even though he's mainly doing the fast-paced "save everyone as fast as I can" just so he has time to kill. She can be pretty lazy when she isn't needing to do anything and isn't uncommon to see her lounging around and enjoying the sights, food, and company. She also likes to get drunk when she isn't working or in a school.

There is only one building with this name and they have many workers under them with animal-like abilities or if their inherited appearance makes them look like an animal. In which case, they have many appliances to help accommodate for most of their needs. They pride in their ability to save people as quickly and efficiently as possible, and they mostly deal with foreign villains who come to Japan, as Marija can understand German, Viktor can understand Russian, Sara can understand American, and Mary is multilingual due to all the web sites she has to read and code (no not machine code or any other kind of code) that could be in different languages.

Their building is a repurposed warehouse, where they had to set up their own walls and offices. The place is very fortifiable on the inside. Villains who raid this and attempt to find the safe end up getting lost, as it can be a maze to get through if you don't know what you are looking for. There are special markers and symbols that let the people know where they are going.

Once instituted within the company as a Hero Studies student or an actual employee, they'll gift a Bluetooth device to aid in communication with the group. They are also given access to a trusted engineer, who can make their suit modifications when needed. However, this obviously takes time.
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Ima just go ahead and show you the character and If you like em, cool. If you don't that's cool too.

Name: Diego Mathews

Hero name: Smoke

Parent: People he forgot about long ago

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: Almond Skin tone, 5'6, has black messy hair, long scar stitched up across his nose and hazel eyes.

Hero Costume: He where's a hoodie with the letter S in the middle. The top half of it is grey and the other half is white. Under the hood he wears a grey domino mask and a gas mask.

Personality: He is known to be annoyed easily and someone you don't talk any kind of way with. He is also very stubborn and if he says he gonna do something, then he is gonna do it. He also has very bad anger issues.

Quirk: None

Backstory: He was raised in a family of people with high class quirks. His Mom, his dad, his grandma. Everywhere he looked he saw people who had the ability too wipe him off the face of the earth. Also, his whole family hated him and made fun of him. The only person who seemed to actually care for him was his Uncle, George. One day, His family was having a family reunion and His mom and dad told him too go into the basement where he cant disturb their visitors. As people flooded into their house and tears fell down his face. He heard a knock on the door of the basement. He opened up the door and saw his Uncle George standing there with two plane tickets too japan. "Lets get out of here." His Uncle said with a smile on his face. With no way too refuse he followed his Uncle too japan and they got themselves a two bedroom apartment. "I HATE THEM!" Diego screams. "I'll show them, I-I'll prove them wrong!" He said punching the wall of the apartment. George walked up too him. "Then do just that." he said as he placed a hand on his shoulder. "Prove them wrong by being the best hero this world has seen." So after 5 years of training Diego had one goal in mind. "I'm going too prove them wrong." On that day, Smoke was born.

Other: Since he has no quirk, He has plenty of gadgets. He has plenty of smoke bombs, A button on his fist, where if anything comes in contact with it, they'll be greeted by a pile of smoke, He has some boots that emit smoke when needed, And plenty of other smoke related gadgets. He is also very muscular and well built and knows and mastered currently, three martial arts.
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Okay, so I see a few issues with Smoke. First off, he seems like villain material, being motivated by anger and spite. Second, without a quirk he's at a serious disadvantage compared to everyone else in the class. Third, his background feels... Sloppy. Like, it seems odd he forgot his parents when his loathing of them is chief among his motivation.
That's exactly what I was going for. I want him to be motivated by selfish goals and then eventually see how it feels to save a life and to help people and that he is a hero just for justice and helping people and not fame and selfishness. Also the fact that he has no quirk means he'll have to adapt too his opponents and study their strengths and weaknesses and not rely on raw power alone, kind of like batman. He has tabs on all of the justice league members and has a unstoppable plan to put them down if he has to. Like when he found a way to take away superman's power. Without it he was just a man with big muscles but besides that, he had nothing else going for him. And the fact that he forgets his parents shows that he grew to not focus on proving himself to them but rather helping people in need.
Also, the character has to go through several written forms to even keep the gadgets on their person for any event. And the people who select through these people basically do a picking process. How did he get through if he has no quirk? It is highly unlikely any one of the higher ups would miss this.
What about psychology and sociology? Something that is fairly handy to know to predict enemies and scared citizens? What about first aid? What about how to maintain the upkeep of their gadgets, so some mechanics and engineering skill?

He has to know a lot, and have peak human physique (to have the speed, quickness, resolve, stamina, strength, and resilience you say) which, for a 16 year old, is kind of hard to achieve. How long has this guy been training?
In his Backstory it says he has been training for 5 years. Mostly on his physical qualities but also on first aid. Though he is still working on how he interacts with people he is very capable. He studied the human body and how to take someone out quick with a lot of finesse and not brutality. Also, his Uncle designs and makes his gadgets and is a very successful engineer. Smoke started training to be a hero at 11 years old and has dedicated his life too being one. He knows how to stitch up basic wounds and when he should make a difficult decision.
Yes, but can he maintain the gadgets without his uncle's help? In the heat of battle, it could be helpful. But only if he's realistically going to know how and be taught how during this entire time.
He has learned a couple of things but he is not perfect at maintaining them. But he could easily master it with the help of his uncle because of how skilled his uncle is at engineering. Smoke has dedicated his life to being a hero and if he has to be perfect at everything just so can learn how to be one, that's what he is going to do. He refuses to let something like not being born like everyone else stop him from doing what he wants.
I must say, the batman concept doesn't really work here. Batman's ability to take on the rest of the Justice League comes from his unparalleled expertise, vast wealth and incredible intellect. As a 16 year old malcontent (who's only trained for five years), I don't see how Diego could claim such benefits. As for his motivation, you really didn't say he had any desire to be a hero. From your profile he really didn't have any redeeming qualities, and I don't see how anyone without a quirk would get into the UA.

Long story short, I must reject this application. I will allow you to make changes. Focus on making his personality less one-dimensional, and overall making it easier to read with proper punctuation, spelling, etc.
I have an issue with this whole "their parents did bad stuff to their character". When a parent abuses a child (coming from a man who I love very much who had gone through this experience as a child personally), the child gets malicious or mean, or they shut down completely and don't know what to do in life. They can become psychotic or form a mental illness (especially if the parent abuses the child to succeed, causing mass confusion in the child and making an expectation they cannot hope to achieve). If they were simply neglected, they would just become attention seekers, become good liars, and seek out outlets for attention, whether good or bad. Someone who is a driving force (like his uncle, which this is the only thing that works) helps in giving them direction and shows them about empathy and sympathy. Although, it depends on the character's personality whether or not they take this kind of trait from their uncle. A driving force to succeed and/or self-improvement (to avoid from him becoming a villain) would make him a hero. A driving force from a person who exploited the anger and hate in someone turns them into a villain. But those who are also abused or neglected in some fashion wouldn't be on the receiving end of this character's irritation.

If the characters were bullied (whether by siblings, peers from outside the family, or parents), they may have anger issues. The way that comes about is through confusion. When they feel like crying and feeling guilt or shame isn't enough to get some kind of positive reinforcement, they resort to anger and acting out, which is where you get the anger issues if it is reinforced as "oh this makes me feel better, so I'm going to keep doing it". No matter if the parents try to stamp out the behavior, the character will end up having that. However, depending on the character, you can get an overly aggressive personality, a really meek one that makes Tamaki Amajiki look aggressive and hot-headed, or a socially awkward or socially distant character (not all the time, but it can happen). You can also make sociopaths from abuse, which is a form of shutting down, even if the actions and behaviors they take are aggressive and manipulative.

Please look up survivor stories or psychology on abuse victims and what parents likely did (like gaslighting, guilt shaming, and other forms of subtle manipulation, like something you'd see from Mother Gothel in Tangled) before you make a character with a backstory containing abuse or neglect.

EDIT: It is actually more unlikely to get a story about how bad the parents treated their child with physical abuse and neglect that the CPS would have a field day with and more likely that they tried to mold the child to their liking by manipulating and emotionally abusing them.
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Had to add some more at the end there. XD I keep being reminded by something XD

But don't have the character go through an abusive backstory unless it has been properly researched and thought through without sounding tasteless. Don't add an abusive past unless it actually drives the character forward and don't do it to make the character seem more like a badass or for cool factor. Because doing this isn't cool or badass, it just makes them seem a little pretentious. Having a character have bad qualities through the abuse like this can also make people who view and relate to your character feel like they have to be "like them" in a sense that it ruins the feeling of redemption, especially when it seems like there is no hope realistically and psychologically for this character to reach a goal to become a hero. He is too impatient to make it. At best, he can be seen as a vilified Bakugo. At worst, he looks like a villain trying too hard to be someone successful when the behaviors he may take may end up hurting him if he tried to reach his goals.

Honestly, unless something strong happened, like the death of a person they were trying to save and either their actions killed the person or they weren't fast/strong enough, David wouldn't end up getting better if we go about this realistically. Please be absolutely careful when dealing with matters like abuse/neglect. It can be really hurtful if done inappropriately.

Plus, how did he get into UA? If it were through recommendations, he had to pass the Recommendations course, which only a select few can pass and go into UA. If it were through the Entrance Exam, how would he be strong enough to defeat robots to earn points? If he had his gadgets, are they necessity that he has them, like how Aoyama needs his belt? Or are they there just to aid him in combat and nothing else? Would UA even allow this? If he has an uncaring personality, he wouldn't bother saving anyone to even get enough Rescue Points. So how is he supposed to be picked out of the top 100 if everybody else who is faster and have quirks and are more powerful and more heroic ace what he does?

Just stuff to think about. Honestly, I think it would be better if you gave him the quirk Smoke and didn't include the gadgets, but this is your character. You do what you wish.
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Guess who's back?
I'm sorry. I'm so so so so so so sorry. I'm a darn diddly fool with no backbone and no sense of commitment, I got so overwhelmed between school and work that I just logged out of all my social media (and charms) without a single word. I feel like it's been months, but schools has finally ended and I'm on break, next semester should be a breeze. I glanced at the last page of the thread and it looks like the RP hasn't progressed too far yet- is all I'm missing the fact that Caleb beat Hiro in battle?
Can I please rejoin the RP? You can say no, I have 0 problem with you saying no. If it were me in charge, I'd probably say no. But if you reject me, I'll probably stalk the thread and like all your posts still :D. I'm honestly impressed you guys have kept the thread running this long, I'm glad to have been a part of the ride in the first place.


Previously Schrift007
Guess who's back?
back again. Shady's back, back again. guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back dun dun dun. [insert rest of without me by eminem]

I'm completely fine with you staying, we all have our life outside of charms so I completely understand why you went AWOL. Also, yeah not much is happening to I see no reason for Sam not to join.

Also I propose an idea to continue the flow, maybe we can do a thing were are characters go out somewhere. Like to the beach or something like that, since they did just do a tournament and I think they deserve a break. I was deciding on either beach or Amusement park. @Hogzilla
Are we going to skip to the next part? I vote beach because some of our characters have already gone to a "carnival" and others to "town" so I think the beach would be a nice change of scenery. I don't want to post Sam now if we're just gonna skip ahead because I think she'd take a few posts, so I'd rather hold off. Idk how slow the RP has been the past few days, but if we're still in this scene I can have Sam find Caleb- or, like I said, I can just wait. (RIP Ru the background character)
Ah yes, there comes the time for the obligatory beach episode, where we can fit in much needed fanservice like seeing Kureiji's abs again, because we all know we don't see enough of those aMiRiTE.

But yeah that sounds dope. I'm planning on giving Kureiji a buff to his overall physical strength and have his quirk be revitalized whenever we decide this even happens, so expect shenanigans involving many toothless sharks.
Beach sounds good to me. We all know Caleb is jacked beyond reason (in a wiry way), and is not gun-shy about showing it.

Should be a good interlude wherein we can have some fun without having to worry about a villain attack (I hope, technically the students could get in trouble for fighting villains without appropriate licenses, as seen in the BNHA manga and anime)