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Private/Closed [MHA] The Next Generation

I might leave Ru out of this one. I want a chance for him to get stronger without me just unreasonably being like "one day later my mans was ripped". If I take the time between the sport festival and provisional liscenes exams, I can say he worked nice and hard, I can then claim that he at least not horrendously weak anymore.

Edit: I'm also in the process of revising his character, cause he's sort of shallow. So you'll get a new and improved Ru when I'm done :D.
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Kureiji went megalomaniac in terms of training between sports festival and today in-rp, because his quirk was weakened, therefore his physical strength was the only thing he could really work out in a reasonable manner, therefore he just went crazy to vent frustration in an... arguably unhealthy coping mechanism.
My post... Never posted. God knows where it went. I'm just noticing now, but a few days ago I wrote a post and sent it but it appears to have gone missing. I'm on the edge, man, this will be the final push, I swear. Guess I gotta write up another post, or see if I can recover the last one. Sorry about that, I'll try to make something happen tommorow.


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Unless y’all wanted to turn this into a Haikyuu crossover, I agree on the dodgeball front XD

I’m fine with any division, we could randomize it or do whatever... don’t think that Dakarai really has a rival though, she’s kind of rival-esque with both Hiro and Caleb and since their on opposite teams... well...

I’ll post soon, before this weekend, regardless.
Well I mean, Kureiji has a bit of a dysfunction in not wanting to be on a team with Caleb. I did have the idea of the teams being-

Caleb, Sam, Yuuki, Katelyn
Hiro, Dryada, Kureiji, Dakarai

to keep my two characters on opposite teams and also keeping the couples together and also keeping the rivals on opposite sides. Dodgeball and volleyball both work for me.


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I know, I was thinking about this strategically but realised that Katelyn with her wind ability would make dodgeball a pain in the ass. But then I thought, what if we let Drayda use her quirk? She's the fastest on the team so that would help. Or why not let Dakarai use some tentacles? Hiro isn't allowed to help. But Kureiji could make an army of monkeys to help us win.
I love the dissonance in power that we have here and yet Kureiji is like, Big 3 material.

I mean we have shapeshifter, super strength, flame dragon, dragon literally, shadow maker, weather control specialist, and then-

Tæl and Mönkee Summon
And honestly I think that just makes Sam and Kureiji default strongest


Previously Schrift007
Didn't Hiro rip off one of Dakarai's arm without using his quirk?

If Hiro heard you call Kureiji stronger than him *insert Nervous chuckle* For team zoo I suggest that we either use Kureiji or Dakarai as the quirk users. Maybe Dakarai only because she can just make a bunch of tentacles and catch the balls midair for a default win.

Actually, I should just make a PM for our battle strategy on team zoo