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  1. Doodlydoo

    Ask to Join Wilderness Wanderers - Minor Violence

    ((OOC here: http://pokecharms.com/threads/wilderness-wanderers-discussions-thread-minor-violence.14926/#post-336858)) Jakob kicked down the door, screaming. He knew he should have got his father's Haxorus vaccinated. "Help please, a very angry Haxorus is trying to murder me and I don't wanna...
  2. Doodlydoo

    Ask to Join Primordial Pokémon

    ((OOC: Sign up here! http://pokecharms.com/threads/primordial-pokemon-ooc-and-sign-ups.14909/)) Jakob was awoken by a jumping Riolu. This was his 4th year here in the Primordial land and he had done well. He earned the rank of air admin. They were going to have a party later, but Jakob had a...
  3. Doodlydoo

    Ask to Join Primordial Pokémon: OOC and Sign Ups

    Primordial Pokémon is an idea I had where each of the Pokémon types are split into the Primordial elements (fire, water, earth, air). Trainers join a group and battle members of the other groups, to take control of a region (yet to be designed). So, these are the elements and which types are in...
  4. LordBezard

    Open Alola Life

    1. you can talk in 1st person 2. you can only use Pokemon in the Alolan Pokedex http://www.serebii.net/sunmoon/alolapokedex.shtml (Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon - Alola Pokédex - Alola Pokédex) 3. to fight the champion or any other RPers use: http://pokemonshowdown.com/ (Pokémon Showdown! battle...
  5. Formerly Known as Sticks

    Private/Closed Johto League Signups

    This is a RP about trainers in the Johto Pokemon League. Idea: This is sort of a compromise between the games and anime in how it works. Here it is. So, trainers must earn all the badges of the gym leaders in the Johto Region. They then leave for the Pokemon League on a set date. Here they enter...
  6. Tatzu

    Open A RP about Mechs and Battles and Guns? (Probably going to Contain Violence and a Large Title?)

    Well this is a idea that i thought about after watching someone play Titanfall 2 My Lore idea: Earth Extended their Technology to new Heights by Creating Mechs and Grappling Hooks and Strong Battle Armour, Some evil Country got a Hold of these Weapons and wants to kill everyone, With some Mechs...
  7. Silver-Solis

    Ask to Join Pokemon: The Delta Species

    (Link to Discussion Thread http://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-the-delta-species.14522/) "Wait, what you are saying is that there has been Pokemon around here, showing characteristics of types that are not there own?" "Yes! They have been terrorizing us! We don't know how to combat them!" A...
  8. Silver-Solis

    Ask to Join Pokemon: The Delta Species

    (Link to RP thread http://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-the-delta-species.14525/#post-317559) This roleplay with be based off of the Delta Species Pokemon TCG If you do not know what delta species are then δ Delta Species (Japanese: δ-デルタ種 δ-Delta Species) are a special kind of Pokémon found...
  9. The legend of pika

    Open Amtro Region Travels, sign ups and discussion

    Hey, welcome to the amtro region, where anyone can be anything! Here are the rules: ●you must have read the role play rules. ●Romance is ok, as long as you have read the rp rules. ●everyones story must come together somehow, like in pokemon xyz alans story and ashs story came together. ●No more...
  10. TundraZap

    XY/ORAS Battle me!

    Yo, if you want to battle on showdown, oras, x or y comment here! For oras and xy, we need to do a gts trade to be aquatinted. Just tell me and I'll Battle you! Available: Showdown Unavailable: Oras, X Y. (X I'm nuzlocking and oras my teams are being tested and trained!)
  11. Martin Pine

    Private/Closed Lily of the Valley Island Sinnoh League Tornament (Discussion chat(If your not invited don't enter)

    I tend to ramble a lot so I'll try my best to make it brief and to the point. PLOT: The annual Sinnoh league tournament of Lily of the Valley Island is well underway and you are one of the lucky trainers that have progressed to the semi finals! This means you'll be fighting in 6v6 battles to...
  12. ChungHa

    Open Festival of Coalition || DISCUSSION

    Alright guys, so yes theres been a couple of questions and doubts about the festival and the twist taking place within the role-play. Mostly my fault for the confusion, I probably didn't explain it well enough in the thread. ================================================== Everyone...
  13. Bug catcher Alfie

    Open Pokémon Alola frontier

    Hello, trainers! I'm professor Almond - A scientist from the Kanto region. I've come to this sunny island in Alola to study Pokémon from other regions through watching them and their trainers battle and compete for victory. Fill out the form below - telling me your name, native region, and...
  14. iVynm

    Open Battle Royale DISCUSSION

    This is a discussion about an rp I'm planning to make about kids joining a tournament called the Battle Royale. It's basically just a battling tournament that you join and battle people, you could battle a real person in the rp, or if no-one else wants to battle you could battle an AI, but make...
  15. Orange Book

    Open 1 on 1 Battle

    I'm looking for a Pokemon battle with my character, Boris. Be forewarned; he has been approved of being capable of mega evolving his Tyranitar. For this reason, it would be most preferable for the opposing trainer to also be within possession of a mega, though by no means is it a set...
  16. Orange Book

    Open Edgefield Town Gym [Kalos Gym Battle Role-Play]

    Here is a custom made Gym within a custom made city of the Kalos region for trainers to challenge. More information shall be provided below. Please note that this page is listed as Ask to Join. If this is of any interest to you, please contact Orange Book. Gym Leader Name: Nicole...
  17. Ryu Nura

    XY/ORAS Pokemon Teams Club

    Hello, I am trying to put together a group that will consist of teams(similar to those we fight in the games). Each team will have a Primary type or types and must use ATLEAST ONE of that type in any battle with another team/teammate. I am doing this to basically have fun battling with rivals...
  18. TrueHoodie

    Open Kalos Time (Open RP)

    On a nice autumn day, in Cyllage City, a young boy was holding the Cyllage City gym badge, admiring it as the sunlight shined off of it. "It looks so cool! I can't believe we actually got it!" The young boy said to his pokemon. "Good job, you two! You did great!" A young boy said rubbing the...
  19. MyNameIsTurtle

    Ask to Join Love and Battles: Amour a primera vista. (ask)

    Inspired in part by the movie series of the same name from Pokestar Studio in BW2. In this world, you are a gijinka, a sort of fusion between man and 'mon. The rules of battle etiquette still remain- when two's eyes meet for the first time, they must battle. However, in this strange world you...